Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Are you ready for more birdy stuff?  I'm always ready for more birdy stuff -- a friend once told me that "you are always birding" -- we were hiking together and I was "holding" him back.  I've birded since I was a youngster and still have yet to see every bird and everything birds do, so there's always something new waiting around the corner for me!!
The American Robin is the most common member of the thrush family in the USA.  I have often thought if it was the custom to name one's house here as it is in England, I would call my home Robin's Nest Cottage.  I've lived here 18 years and have never had a summer without at least one robin's nest in my yard.
The Singer Sewing Machine Co. introduced their own series of bird cards in 1896.  There were 12 cards using the paintings of J. L. Ridgway.  Ridgway was a well-known illustrator for the US Geological Survey at the turn of the 20th century.  The background of each was the typical habitat of the bird and an illustration of the egg of the species was included.
The cards are 4 1/2" by 6" and the back of each carried a description of the bird and a short advertisement which varied from card to card.  The cards were likely distributed by salesmen who often visited women at home in their quest to sell Singers.   The backs of my set of this series varies quite a bit, so I believe they were redesigned regularly and handed to potential customers one at a time.
The series was reformatted during the 1920's and the importance of the advertising emphasized with a shorter description of the bird.  This is the back of the "robin" card from 1926 and I love the "real sewing machine" illustrated that is suitable for children as young as four.
It's time to go look at some more inspiring birdy fabric projects!!  These are the bloggers to visit today!!
I'll be back tomorrow with more bird cards to share and another group of birdy bloggers!!
Enjoy today's browsing!!
Mary Huey


  1. I love your passion for birding...and the post about the Singer "bird" cards is awesome! I am a whale-watcher, and pursue it avidly during the Bay of Fundy season aboard a touring/research vessel!

  2. The Bay of Fundy -- I've been there once and it's an amazing place for sure!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  3. Thanks for sharing these Mary, how neat!