Friday, May 13, 2022

Tug Of War

You've all been there -- in a "tug of war" between what you want to do and what you need to do.  It's tough because you are the only person on both teams -- how will either "side" ever be able to declare a win??

Do you stay at the sewing machine even though it's a beautiful day so you don't fall behind?

 I haven't fallen behind (but I haven't finished anything either)!!  I've moved that lovely nosegay UFO forward by using the piecing of the little flower blocks and the diamond borders as my "leaders and enders" while piecing hexagons together for part 19 of Homage to Grandmother's Flower Garden (pattern by Katja Marek).  This weekend when it's raining I need to double down and focus on the fiddly border attachment.

I pulled out another small UFO (maybe it could be a finish for May?)  Thank goodness I left placement notes on the blocks or I never would have figured out what my intention was several years ago when I started it.
It's a rather weird piece for me and I'll show it to you another time.

Yard-sitting arrived early this spring for Northeast Ohio so of course that requires a new easy to carry outside project -- another Musselburgh hat (designed by Ysolda) -- it's such a versatile pattern.  It's set up so you can knit with any yarn, any needle size, and get predictable results without doing a gauge swatch or math.  Doesn't get better than that!!  

 The yarn is a Merino/cashmere blend and I'm thinking it will be a cozy hat for a friend who is going through cancer treatment.

Or do you go outside and do all the stuff????

The weather along the south shore of Lake Erie has made for excellent bird migration over the past week and even though I've seen most of the birds that will come through, I must see them again.  One morning found me perched in my lawn chair under some big oak trees at a local park -- 2 hours later, I had listed over 40 species including 12 warbler and 4 vireo species without any exertion.  The day is fast coming when that will be my primary birding style!

I joined a local native plant group this spring and they are hosting weekly flower walks.
Isn't this wild columbine lovely?  Only comes in this color and will tolerate shade.  
I have one plant in my wildflower bed but there need to be more!

And this was a new to me violet this past week -- common dog-violet.  It is such a delicate shade of blue.  

There are little seedlings all over the house waiting to be big enough to set out
and the front porch is loaded with plants I overwintered getting use to fresh air and natural sunshine.
I transplanted some brassicas into the garden beds and washed some windows today.  My sewing side might lose the tug of war this month again.

I take comfort in knowing that I'm not alone -- we are all pulled in opposite directions because we are dynamic interesting folks who want to do it all.
So carry on!!