Wednesday, August 13, 2014

QCQAL Block #12 -- Wild Goose Chase

It's the last block -- sort of . . . . Alison has decided to post four bonus blocks this week for those of us who still have fabric left and want a slightly larger quilt.  I hope this series has helped you understand how to use your "perfect patchwork" templates more often.  Thanks to Alison at Little Bunny Quilts for letting me blog along beside her for this QAL.  I have a terrific set of blocks that will make a delightful child's quilt!

So to the block -- our goal is to make a 12" block.  12" divided by 4 equals 3" -- that means I need to use Marti Michell's Set A, the 3" basic group of templates. 
I cut the large center square with a rotary ruler.  Template A1 will work for the corner squares and templates A4 and A6 for the geese units.  I'm down to about an eighth yard of my background fabric, so I went through all the scrappy bits to cut the small triangles and got half of them before I needed to cut into the bigger piece. 
In the process, I was reminded why it is so important to close your rotary cutter EVERY time you finish a cut.  Mine was closed so no harm done.  Mine is always closed when it's not cutting.  But I'm consistently alarmed at how many of my students lay their cutters down without closing them!!
I hope you aren't one of those quilters!!
I'm all organized for stitching and I also had a chance to experience what a good job my new phone does on "speaker" -- I'm on hold with a large American corporation . . . . . . pieced half the flying geese units together before they "helped" me.
Actually, they didn't help me, they just aggravated me, but it's good to know that I can now multi-task during those interludes in my life.
I forgot to take a picture of my auditioning for placement of the geese -- repetitive or random.  But once you get to this stage of stitching the geese into rows, you need to be careful to maintain the order.  I did check to make sure of that at this point -- was not in mood to unstitch!!
The final layout and I'm always so pleased when the pieced units are the same size at this stage -- one would think that after 35 plus years of piecing, I'd be over that, but no -- always  lifts  my spirits!!
And here is the block -- ready to add to the rest of the group.  I didn't attempt a 6" block for this one since I'm so limited on background fabric at this point.
Here's Tuesday's bonus block, Empire Star -- it's a new one to me.
I have enough background to make two more blocks, so I'm waiting until all four are posted to decide which I will add. 

To the studio!

Mary Huey


  1. That is a good habit to have to always close a rotary cutter. I didn't one time and it went flying off the table, hit my leg. Before looking down I said, "I sure hope that blade was closed." It wasn't. Small cut, no stitches needed. But an awakening to always close that blade!

    Cute flying geese! Love them!

    1. I might just add your story to my "arsenal", Sharon -- I threaten students with goory stories when I catch them being careless and leaving it open!

  2. I love the cutter with the squeeze handle--that way I don't have to think about an exposed blade. And your block looks great! Not sure I'd cut all those pieces though!

    1. thanks for visiting, Susan -- the little extra time I put into the cutting results in quicker piecing and more consistent block sizes, so I don't mind . . . anymore -- I did in the beginning. Now I'm like a reformed smoker about using templates! (-: