Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mending is not piecing . . . .

. . . . although there are lots of short seams in both stitching styles!?! 

While we still have about 3 weeks of summer, I'm glad to be finished with an overly ambitious travel schedule and moving into a calmer period of the year -- staying at home and in my studio.

I spent last week using my skills as a seamstress to repair clothing for the Red Bird Mission Community Store in southeastern Kentucky.  Together with my sidekick, Nancy, I estimate that we repaired about 100 garments -- replaced buttons, mended holes, stitched up seams and hems.  The gals at the resale shop in the Mission wash and inspect every donated item before it goes out into the shop and sometimes they get behind, so we caught them up!!  There were 3 large boxes waiting for us when we arrived and there were 3 empty boxes when we left.  Good as it felt to accomplish so much, I think I've done enough mending to last me for a couple months!!  I would show you a picture of the results, but I'm still trying to learn how to move pictures from my phone to my computer albums . . . . grrrr!

I took along a bit of EPP -- Block #9 from Karen H's Value Proposition QAL at Faeries & Fibres.  I didn't get it quite finished but it did generate conversation with some of the other women working at the Mission.

Yesterday, I relaxed (and did laundry).  Today, I'm struggling to get back into the home/office groove with the help of my typical "to-do" list.  Earlier this year, I adopted a small spiral notebook for lists and notes -- it goes along with my calendar and gets a bit messy but while I was pretty frustrated at one point today, I am getting a bunch of things crossed off the list.

While I was away, my daughter's middle cat, Beau, adopted the bottom shelf of the quilt cupboard as his new favorite sleeping place.  Guess I better reorganized the quilt on the top of the pile so that it's one of the little quilts specifically designated for sleeping cats.  They are a small series of samples from my shop that can be washed frequently and easily.
I hope I get into my studio this afternoon for a long session of stitching and thinking!!

What will you do today?

Mary Huey


  1. It will feel good to settle back into a creative routine after the summer you have had. It must have been very satisfying to see all the mending finished, much more pleasant working with company on a job like that too.

    1. yes, you are right, Karen -- and I did actually come up with some very creative solutions to a few of the mending challenges -- some satisfaction in that!!