Saturday, August 2, 2014

Monarch Butterfly Update

Our second Monarch butterfly emerged from it's chrysalis this morning!!
As I headed out the back door to hang out the laundry, I glanced at the enclosure and there was a shadow of a butterfly!!
I unzipped the side and thrust my camera inside for a view from below -- 5 chrysalis and 1 butterfly.
I carefully offered a finger to the butterfly to climb on and ride down to the opening, but she preferred to flutter down on her own.  I snapped a quick photo before she drifted out of the enclosure and off into the garden.  She will be mature enough in 4 to 5 days to begin to lay eggs.   
For a simple illustrated explanation of the life cycle of this insect and photos of the male and female, here's a link --

Seven more to go!!

Mary Huey


  1. Well done Mary, she is beautiful, you must be so proud? No really, she is gorgeous, you are doing good for all of us.

    1. Three more are ready to hatch out today -- I hope to get some "emerging" photos to share!!

  2. How exciting to see your monarch! Well done Mary! We have mllkweek in our garden and we leave it there for the monarchs.

    1. I leave the milkweed stalks stand all winter, too -- in the spring, I've watched orioles and blue jays strip them for the long fibers to use in their nests.