Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Drying on the Clothes Line!!

With just hours to spare (typically), I finished this scrappy tumbling quilt, washed it, and it's hanging out on the line as I write this.  It is a retirement gift for my pastor. He has been our pastor for 9 years and we hate to see him go, but it's hard to begrudge a person the joy of retirement.
As I shared last week, I kept the quilting simple with an equilateral grid guided by the piecing seams.
It took about a week -- 30 minutes to an hour a day.  By traveling around the quilt like a maze, I kept the thread burying to a minimum!
By the time I started quilting the border, I realized I had 3 days to finish rather than the luxurious 6 days to my original target date.  Focus and simplicity were the keys to being done on time! 
Rather than a standard "piano key" border which was my first thought, I alternated a pair of lines 1/4" apart with a freehand squiggle about 1" from that.   It allowed me to work back and forth from the edge to the accent border with no tie-offs!!
Rather than use a mathematical approach to the spacing, I "eyeballed" the spacing from the double set of lines to the squiggle.  Many years ago, a teacher/mentor explained to me why she preferred to draw her feathers freehand over using a stencil -- it looks more organic, like a human did it.
That's my rationale!!
As I came to a corner, I marked a diagonal line that would serve as a stopping mark for the lines as I worked my way into the corner.
When I arrived at the diagonal chalk line, I traveled along it to the beginning of the next line of the design.  It leaves gaps in the diagonal line, but if I pay attention to where I begin to work my way out of that corner, I catch all the gaps in the diagonal line as I started the next side. 
Here's a picture of one of the corners from the back side.  
I'm good with the spontaneous flow!
At a distance, it looks very jumbled in the middle of the quilt.
That's the result of the five 6-pointed stars that are inserted randomly around the quilt.  They are a bit more random than I intended -- someone moved one of them to a different row?!?
Random elf at work again!
It finished at 56" by 74". 
It's finish #2 on my second quarter goal list for the 2018 Finish Along and another potentially ancient UFO averted!!

What's next in the studio?  
It's time to organize this pile of fabric into a backing for my ZenChic Bernina Triangle Sewalong quilt top!  Maybe layer it up and keep the quilting momentum going?!?
Of course, it's my favorite birding time of the year -- breeding season! So I may not actually get to the quilting, but whatever progress is made will be progress!!
Yesterday, I found the pileated woodpecker nest at the park I visit the most!
Look at those two chicks, leaning out of the nest hole, scanning for one of the adult birds to arrive with a tasty morsel!!
I'll be back next week with more ancient UFO progress!!

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  1. LOoks great. Enjoy the process of the quilting. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. I looked but didn’t see the stars before, and now I wonder how I ever missed them. I cannot blame the random elf.
    You must be powering through those UFOs, Mary.

  3. Such a beautiful finish - I'm sure your pastor will love it. On behalf of the global hosts, thank you for linking up to the FAL.