Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dodecagon EPP Update!

Early in February, 2017, I began my Dodecagon journey using Marge Sampson-George's pattern and templates.  I've shared my progress in several posts since then and today's share is exciting to me!!  I have the center of my layout almost completely assembled and it's coming together so beautifully!! 

Back in January (read it HERE), I shared how I was setting up the four large floral units and some tips (ala Karen @faeiriesandfibres -- you can read through her posts for lots of great EPP tips HERE!!).  
Once the four units were finished, I began spending my evenings with the units laying on the living room floor, adding rows of hexagons in preparation for assembling the large central diamond section of my layout.

Every stage of completion gets me more and more excited about the final quilt!!
At this point, I needed to organize more pink and yellow hexies to complete the border around the outside of the center.  
Finally, the nine center units were ready to set together!!
In the picture below, I have the two top rows stitched completely together but snapped this photo so you can see how I've dissected the units for the most logical (to me) assembly.  
The units interlock together -- that was necessary to applique the floral motifs into position without losing the hexie paper's stability along the outer edges.

And a closer look!
Once the center section is together, I'll do some more auditioning -- I have a layout design but it has changed a bit here and there as I work with the fabrics and see the interaction of the colors.
These are my grab-n-go baggies for stitching on the run -- one dodecagon plus enough black hexies to border -- there are only seven left!!
Actually, I was "worrying" yesterday about what I can "take along" when these are done?!?
Ahhh, but it just occurred to me that I can bag up sets of the green hexies to stitch into bordering strips that will be set between the dodecagons in each corner of the quilt -- dilemma, no more!! 

I'm doing well to stay focused on this project as there are so many tempting other EPP things going on out there -- the Kingfisher SewAlong with Jodi Godfrey of @talesoflove keeps popping up in my Instagram feed and then there's the #roseofkaleighsewalong based on one of Sue Daley's patterns -- arggghhhh.
But at my age, I need to focus on "leaving quilts, not fabric".
This will NOT become an ancient UFO!!
Check out this thoughtful post from Jenny Kae -- as one who has been dealing with UFO's for over a decade, I could have written this and you need to read it!!

Have a good week!!

Edit -- September, 2019 
Marge Sampson George now has the pattern, templates, and papers available via this Etsy shop for this quilt -- click HERE.


  1. Just a stunning piece--with those rose centers--I love it--beautiful work hugs, Julierose

    1. Thanks, Julierose -- I'm so pleased I was able to cut that big up -- sometimes the beauty of large scale prints intimidates us don't they?

  2. This makes me want to start an EPP quilt with large floral motifs! I was mentally considering what I had in my stash that might work. Not until I knit up some UFOs ...

  3. This is just gorgeous--can't wait to see the final product!

    1. Thanks -- I'm getting more excited about it with every stitch!

  4. Your hexie project is beautiful; I'm sure it is an inspiration to many.
    Epp was the first technique I learned when I took the Sampler class. I couldn't envision how I could possible piece those hexies together so they looked good. After I did it and it looked good, I felt "I can do anything!". I wish I still could but my old fingers rule out most hand work.

    1. Thanks, Ruth -- always admired your "can do" attitude!!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I've got some papers for dodecagon, but haven't stitched a stitch yet. You're really inspiring me to start! (must finish something first must finish something first must finish something first..)
    I've got my comments fixed - I reset the email address for the comment notifications and now it's working again. There's a confirmation you have to reply to, then you're good to go. (I changed my notification address to a gmail addy - don't know if that's necessary for it to work or not.)

    1. Thanks for the heads-up on the fix, Gayle -- I'll give that a try. And yes, finish something first!