Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Finishing Quilts!

Little did I realize back in January, 2016 when I was finishing up this hexagon reproduction quilt that the grid I used to quilt the background of that quilt would become my "go-to" strategy for all future hexagon-based quilt designs!
I like the results and it's easy to stitch with minimal decisions to be made!
So I used it again this past February for my really yellow Project Quilting piece.
So it was a simple decision as to how I'd quilt this I Spy style garden quilt top.
Through  all the hexagons and along all the seam lines to create the equilateral triangle grid.
A new quilting tool arrived while I was working on it -- the Squiggy designed by Angela Walters.
I put it right to work guiding me through a border of clamshells.  
Isn't the border fabric gorgeous -- it's an oldie from my stash.
Since I didn't take the time to do very in-depth math, each of the corners is slightly different and I was only able to use 3 rows of clamshells.  Some simple "piano key" quilting finished the border.
Overall I'm pleased with the finished results.
I bound it on Sunday evening -- had fun playing "thread roulette". 
I lost and had to find another spool of green thread.
Today I mailed it off to a longtime friend who retired from teaching high school sciences this past week.  She has a bevy of grandchildren who love to snuggle with her so I hope the quilt will be enjoyed by all!
There was another quilt basted and ready to go -- also a retirement gift!  
And it's one of my goal finishes for the second quarter of the 2018 Finish Along!
There are seven 6-pointed stars hidden in this tumbling block quilt, so I quilted each of them first to emphasize them a little.
But the rest of the quilt?  You guessed it -- back to the equilateral triangle grid!!
I'm at the half way point today and need to have it ready to gift by June 15 -- think I'm good!!

This little quilt went out the door today, too.
It's destined for a first grader who is learning that people die so I hope it's becomes a snuggler!
I love having a string of finishes!!
Better yet, one of the three was an ancient UFO -- so happy to find a good home for it!!
Are there more finishes on the horizon?
I hope so!!

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  2. Brilliant post!! Lots of lovely piecing and really useful information on quilting which I find very hard. What was the ruler you were using as a guide?

    1. The straight one is from a company called Fine Line -- comes in 6", 8", and 12" -- I use the 8" the most. My local quilt shop special ordered it for me from her notions company -- search for Fine Line quilting templates on line if you don't have a local shop that will special order.

  3. A lovely string of finishes, Mary! Thank you for showing how the squiggy worked for you, and how you tackle the hexagon based quilting. I appreciate it.

  4. Poor little first grader. I hope the lovely cats cheer him or her up a little.
    What a productive time you have been having.
    I love the toile de joie fabric on the back of your hexie quilt.

    1. That toile has been laying around for years!! It was from my shop and never sold even when it was really cheap. I don't think Americans appreciate toile properly!!