Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Productive Procrastination

Why does "procrastinating" always get such a bad rap?  
If you are productive in the midst of it, isn't that okay?
I'm suppose to be sanding woodwork and bead board wainscoting to prepare it for a new coat of pain.
Hate sanding!! 
Even with power equipment -- hate it!!
But I'm not wasting my time -- no!!
Not surfing Instagram, not gazing out into space.
I'm getting other things done!!

For example, I've started quilting one of the tops I layered earlier this month!
I've only made one pass across it but it went well and if I complete two passes a day, it will be ready to bind this weekend!
I revitalized my sourdough starter!
It took two batches of pizza dough and a batch of pancakes, but it's better than it's ever been.
Turns out, I've been adding too much water during the feeding process.
I made two loaves of bread -- they didn't get very high, but the texture and flavor is perfect.
Next time it will be higher!
I've been working all weekend to finish the blocks for the two Advent quilts I'm making for my grandchildren.  The blocks were designed by Lorna at SewFreshQuilts and are part of the Jolly Little Christmas SewAlong.
Check it out HERE.
We are having unusual August weather here (read not hot), so I took the cutting tools and fabric out to the patio on Saturday and filled these file folders with everything needed to make the last few blocks.
I also sanded (for about 30 minutes) -- maybe if I break it down into little sessions?
I made the Christmas Lights blocks first -- easy piecing.
So cheerful!! 
Time for some more sanding!
Then the Wreath blocks.
The details Lorna works into the blocks fascinate me -- look at the right side and the under side of the ribbon. 
Must go sand!
The quilts will be similar but I'm customizing them a bit with the color choices but I've also made just one reindeer (for my granddaughter's quilt) and one moose (for my grandson).
With so many pieces, I find it helpful to sort everything before I start to sew.
A set of those alphabet letters to clip to each stack would be helpful but one would have to remember to look for them at my LQS. 
I also keep a ruler next to my sewing machine so I can check measurements -- yep, this one is too short -- grrrrrrrr. 
I like Lorna's instructions -- they include lots of diagrams to illustrate the words.
Aren't these antlers cute? 
Cute, yes.
Wrong, yes.
I puzzled for a couple minutes what was wrong -- pays to look carefully at the diagrams before stitching!
Now they are right! 
Here's the finished block!!
Just too cute!! 
Here are the twelve blocks on the design wall -- some rearranging will happen before the sashing is added and I might need to shop for border fabric but we'll see. 
I still have two more blocks to stitch together and half the sanding is finished.
Wanna bet where I'm headed now?


P.S. Oh, yes and I cleaned up the work bench in the basement -- well, I had to find all the stuff I needed to start the sanding in the first place??


  1. Arrgh! You just reminded me that I am three blocks short on Lorna's quilt. I really need to do that. Your blocks look wonderful.

  2. Way to go on making procrastination work for you and for huge progress on the QAL! I've only sewn 3 blocks but I've kitted up all of the rest. In theory, that should give me a leg up on getting them sewn and put together. We'll see!

  3. How did the sanding turn out Mary? The deer turned out super cute! Way to persevere, dear!