Monday, August 7, 2017

A Full Moon Means Focus on Finishing!!

I'm not really superstitious but I do believe that the full moon agitates my insides more than I like,
So several years ago I developed a "full moon strategy" to combat the negative impact I feel for the few days surrounding this monthly cycle.  One aspect of it is to finish projects rather than start projects.   I get such a positive vibe from finishing something that it just makes sense to manufacture good vibrations to counteract the turbulence of the full moon.

So I dedicated this past weekend to finishing!!

Finished the Meteor Shower wall hanging the I made for Emily Breclaw's Adventures in Hexagon blog tour -- yea!!!  (Read about that finish HERE).

Then I turned to the two twin size quilts that came back from Sarah at Quilting by the Mill the end of May and the binding that was already cut -- been setting right there for two months patiently waiting!
 Got those bound -- yea!!!
Took all of three hours and now they are ready to put up for sale in my Etsy shop!!
Go HERE to look at them!
I think they will look charming in a young girl's bedroom -- soft blue walls, white furniture!!
Plus getting them finished is another goal reached on my third quarter 2017 Finish A-Long list!!
While I'm (smugly) crossing that off the list, I realize that one third of the quarter is gone and I still have four quilts to quilt and bind on that list?!?
(The LIST with full frontal pics of the quilts!)
So Monday (sturgeon moon day) was all about layering and basting!

Number one.
A scrappy "many trips" for my nephew-in-law.

Number two.
A charming crib quilt that is destined for the Etsy shop.

Number three.
My Smorgasblocks top from last summer -- destined for a niece-in-law.

Wow, I'm so impressed with my stick-to-it attitude.
I even know exactly how I'm going to quilt one of them and the other two are beginning to make suggestions -- love it when the quilt talks to me like that!!

Next challenge?
Quilt them of course!
I hope that stacking them up next to George will be a nagging reminder to "come quilt us".

I can't believe I did that -- layered three quilts in one day?!?


9/26/2017 -- linking up for the 3rd quarter 2017 Finish A Long!!


  1. layering three quilts in one day! wow talk about progress

  2. Mary, three cheers for beating that full moon!!! In the meantime, may I ask what your process is for basting your quilts? You've probably already blogged about it and I missed it but I see you have them draped on a regular size table. How do you make sure the layers are smooth before you pin them together?

  3. Mary, I have always had a difficult time sleeping three or four nights every month. It wasn't until my son pointed out to me that it was always around the full moon (he had the same issue) that I figured it out. I don't stress about it any more and just get up and quietly work on things around the house.

    I love a blue and yellow combination of the first quilt pictured. Blue and yellow is one of my favorite color palettes. All of your projects are just beautiful. And congratulations on layering three quilts in a day. That would be a definite record for me.

    Happy sewing! Andrea

  4. Wow, I'm impressed with your stick-to-it attitude! :)
    The blue and yellow quilt makes me think of the one my sewing group made me for my last 0 birthday. They chose very similar prints.