Monday, August 14, 2017

NNP August?

NNP stands for NO NEW PROJECTS!!
I am trying to have pass through the month of August without beginning any new quilting projects!
There is so much temptation out there but I'm determined!!
Don't worry, I won't be bored -- there is plenty in production already.
While I do have a little trouble staying with a project when it is no longer challenging, I should be okay.

The straight line quilting I'm doing on this piece is only interesting for about 5 lines and then I'm ready to do something else!
I'm pleased with the results -- stitching 1/4" on each side of all the seams.
To hold some focus, I'm trying to work on improving the consistency of my stitch length and eliminate "jiggles" at my start/stops.
Theory is if I improve in those two areas on this quilt, it will translate to the next one?!?
I'm not going to start the ZenChic Triangle QAL via the Bernina blog even though I've pulled such a great stack of fabric to go with the little bundle I bought last week of Down by The River by Lewis and Irene.
Found the fabric at!
It's quietly sitting in a chair in the studio waiting for September 1.
The first step is simple work so catching up should not be a problem.
I really should sew up this blouse -- all cut out and wouldn't take an afternoon!!
I finished three more dodecagons while visiting my youngest daughter and her family last week!
Only 5 more to go, fabric combos all picked out, just need to cut!!
Monday morning when I stumbled across the #100days100hexies2017 on Instagram (the enabler is @sewfoxymama), I did not start a new project -- I decided to use it as an excuse to prep lots of black hexies for bordering my dodecagons!
I will be overachieving though and do 10 a day (cause I need a lot).
Every evening, I'm putting about an hour's worth of stitching into the quilting of a previous hexie masterpiece, Karen's Value Proposition FAL from 2015 (or was it 2014?). 
And I won't do more than one of these blocks a day . . . . aren't they fabulous??
It's @lorena_in_syd's fabulous design, Opal Essence!!
Well, I needed something up on the design wall -- can't just stare at a blank wall?!?
I only have to be strong for 16 more days!!
Back to the quilting!


  1. NNP!! Such a great idea! I wish I could stop starting new projects!!

  2. love your quilt projects - yes sometimes we have to try to not start a new project

  3. That's what I need ~ a plan! Clearly it's working for you!

  4. You said: While I do have a little trouble staying with a project when it is no longer challenging, - this is my problem too.
    Lovely thing you are working on.

  5. I really like your dodecagons. Very pretty! Good luck on nnp August!

  6. We are already halfway through August, Mary. I know you can stick to your goal for a fortnight longer!