Monday, July 31, 2017


Welcome to my stop on Emily Breclaw's blog tour for her new book,
Adventures in Hexagons! 
The book was released in June and I got a copy of it as soon as I could. 
Here's a QUICK LINK to order your own copy (just in case you don't win it)!
For those of you who already follow my blog, you know how I love a y-seam!!
 I was delight to be invited to participate in this introduction to Emily's book.
If you've been following the blog tour over the past few days, you already know that Emily connected with one of my piecing mentors, Marti Michell early in her planning for the book and suggests template Sets G and H plus the Kite and Crown sets for cutting most of the shapes in her designs.

And if you are a regular reader here at my blog, you know I'm mostly all about machine piecing and that several years ago, I stumbled onto an awesome approach to stitching y-seams by machine!!

This is Emily's design, Meteor Shower.
I pieced my own version to give the book a test drive.
I began by labeling all the template diagrams at the end of the book with Marti's template numbers to make it easier to pick up the right template. 
Then I created a "cheat sheet" marker for the pattern page I used to make it even easier. 
To make things interesting, I used Set G (the 2" set) rather than Set H (the 3" set) for this design.  My finished piece will be smaller than Emily's but there was NO MATH INVOLVED -- that's one of the beauties of Marti's hexagon template families -- resizing is simple!
As a teacher and former shop owner, I typically make samples in a different color way than the book/pattern to help students see more possibilities and teach them to consider the merits of a design rather than just the color palette or fabrics used.
This pile of rejects from my Maker's Tote project was still laying on the floor
in my studio, so why not? 
That was easy!!
The large floral will be my background.
I appreciate Emily's clear diagrams which break her designs down into working units and made for a quick start on organizing my stitching!  This is the center unit (after a few fabric auditioning sessions) ready to stitch!  The most important aspect of using a different color palette while maintaining the original designer's concept is to mimic the contrast of values -- I simply reversed it -- lights for the background, darks for the sparkly bits.
Happily it worked quite nicely as you'll see!
I've dubbed the exciting y-seam piecing technique I teach
In my view, that says it all. 
I'll always be grateful that a student (Mary O'Keefe) shared her discovery with me during a workshop in April 2012. It started me on a journey that has produced a dozen amazing quilts and a half dozen workshops I love to teach!

If you've tried machine or hand piecing y-seams, you know that you have to "stop on the dot" to keep the end of the seam open so you can "set-in" a third piece.
It's fiddly work and not conducive to chain-piecing on the machine with all the stopping and starting.
Or so I thought.
Mary's idea changed all that as she discovered how to chain-piece through y-seams!
You just need to pivot at the dot!
So with the combination of Marti Michell's templates which make "dotting" easy and Mary's idea, I've been going to town ever since!
Here's the first phase -- stopping here would be a nice table-topper!
The book has quite a few interesting blocks and I'm looking forward to trying some of the others.
While working on this piece, I was able to keep the chain going easily as I built the units that Emily laid out in the book, working on six of them simultaneously.  Here I'm working through the units that fit around the center star.
Three "dot-to-dot" seams are needed to attach these two sections together and there are six sets, so using Mary's idea, I can chain-piece through all 18 seams efficiently in about 45 minutes.
Once those were built, I began to add them to the center star and build the corner units as my "leaders and enders" to keep the chain going. Those units were ready to add by the time the center of the piece was assembled. 
I find that leaving most of the pressing go until near the end makes the process easier.  It makes the final pressing a bit tedious but it's so easy to push an unpressed seam allowance to the side during the stitching process!
When I ran out of pieces to use as "leaders and enders" from the design, I worked on a mug rug for my studio -- the pattern is available from Emily for signing up for her newsletter!  I could have picked up one of the piecing UFO's laying around my studio for this purpose but it's always more fun to start a new project!!
I think I need something to replace the tissue that resides on the corner of my sewing table anyway!?!
All pieced, ready to finish later today! 
So back to Meteor Shower!
As is often the case when working out of my stash for projects, I ran out of fabric.
One yard of the background fabric wasn't quite enough and so you'll see in the finished piece, there are two extra little stars in the corners -- short just two hexagons -- but I think it works!
And since I was out of background fabric, I needed to chose a border fabric.
After much auditioning, I went with a teal as it really made the swirling center design pop!
The quilt is layered and there is a quilting idea in my head.
Maybe there will be a finished quilt in a few days.
My version made with Set G is about 36" square.
The design in Emily's book made with Set H is 54" square. 
I began cutting my version on July 12 so the time frame is good especially since it's summer here and I spend a good deal of everyday outside -- love that machine-piecing!!
So are you curious about this technique?
There are three ways to learn all the ins and outs of Set-In Piecing Simplified.
My favorite is taking one of my workshops but that's not practical for most of you.
The next best option is the DVD I produced a couple years -- it's a collection of all the workshop demonstrations.  It's 30 minutes long, divided into two parts, and available for $15.95 HERE.  That price includes shipping in the US.
Finally, I have just released a downloadable PDF with step by step instructions and photos to walk you through the process. It's available in my Etsy shop HERE!  The introductory price of $8 will be available through Saturday, August 12 after which time the price will be $10.

And now for the three giveaways!
C&T Publishing is providing a copy of the book, Adventures in Hexagons for one of my commenters -- they will send a hard copy to a US winner, or an electronic copy to an overseas winner. 
Marti Michell will send another lucky winner their choice of Set G or Set H.
And I'll send a third winner a copy of my DVD, Set-In Piecing Simplified!
Winners will be chosen on Saturday, August 5 at 9 p.m. EST.

Leave a comment below (one per person) and tell me how long you've been following my blog and how you really feel about y-seams!!
Love them? Hate them?
Good luck!!


Here's a complete list of all the participants in the tour in case you missed any of them:
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