Thursday, August 11, 2016


Earlier this week, I shared my renewed efforts to finish my version of Lucy Carson Kingwell's Smitten quilt.
The work continues and I'm very close to getting the top completed.  In this photo, the upper left corner is assembled and the next diagonal row is set together.  Since these are y-seams, the seams stop at the 1/4" seam and don't go all the way to the raw edge of the blocks.  I find it's better to leave the seams between the hexagon blocks unpressed for now.  It's easier to move them out of the way if they haven't been pressed.
I'm working from the left side diagonally towards the upper right side.  For those of you who have invested in my DVD workshop, Set-In Piecing Simplified (order it HERE) this is another look at the approach I take for setting hexagonal blocks together (this is covered in the second half of the DVD).

Half triangles are used to straighten the left and right sides of the quilt and it's easiest to add those to the hexagon block before you begin to attach the blocks together.
Of course, each seam is a stop and start process but it is greatly simplified by using the chain-piecing process featured in the DVD. 
It's also more accurate and more secure than any y-seam technique I've tried.

Here is the first seam stitched together between two rows.
I have discovered (and perhaps others have as well) that after completing the first seam, if I skip the next seam and go to the third one, this process is half as challenging.  So in the picture below, I have the third seam pinned and am holding open the second seam so you can see it easier. 
This is the result after stitching the third seam pair. 
Now you can fold the entire piece matching the second pair of seams and all the rest of the quilt top falls out of your way easily.  For me, this simplifies the process a great deal!
I continue to hop over a pair of seams, stitch a pair of seams, and then return to close up the gap.
Give it a try and let me know what you think!
Two rows joined!  Everything is flat and secure!! 
Here it is with three rows joined!  I still have to cut and piece about 10 small hexagon blocks which will be assembled into clusters of three to match the size of the large blocks plus the half blocks for the lower edge.
This is going to be an exciting workshop to teach!! 
 I love the combination of teaching a great technique (Set-In Piecing Simplified) and helping students discover all the possibilities of experimenting with value and color.  The two-day format will enable students to leave with a working plan well underway! 
If you can't get to Northeast Ohio, I travel!! 
 Give me a shout at if you like to discuss having me come to teach for your guild/shop/group!
There's still some summer to be enjoyed up here, so get out there this weekend and do it!!
Mary Huey


  1. Very informative, thank you Mary. I'm still struggling to stop at the right place and pivot so this is still a far away dream for me! But who knows ... someday ...!

  2. What a genius idea - stitching every other seam. I'm definitely going to try that.

    Love the colors you chose for this quilt, and I'm enjoying watching it go together. Thanks again for all the tips!