Thursday, August 25, 2016

Revisiting 6-Pointed Stars

Two years ago, I posted my first (and only come to think of it) Sew-Along -- Diamond Star Playtime.
Right now, I'm away from the studio for a few days and since I have lots of new followers these days, I encourage you to revisit the basic process post from that series. 
The entire series is collected together and listed under the Diamond Star Playtime tab up above, but this post is a good first read on the process which I use and teach.
I'm currently putting the finishing touches on my teaching plan for the new two-day workshop for this winter which focuses on designing, cutting, piecing, and troubleshooting hexagonal blocks.  It's booked for a local regional show in March but I travel!!  Perhaps your guild or shop would like to set up the workshop in your area.  Talk to me!!

Next week, I'll be catching up again of course!?!
Have a stitching weekend.

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  1. I've read through your diamond star pages several times - so helpful!
    (I'm still trying to pretend I'm not starting a hexagon quilt. I just like reading about making them, that's all. Yep. Uh-huh. And collecting templates, too. But I'm totally not starting one. Nope. Not me.)