Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Importance of READING ALL THE WORDS!!

Now you would think with over 35 years of teaching quilt making and writing instructions, I would not need to be reminded of how important it is to
 READ ALL THE WORDS, not just look at the pictures!!

Sometimes it results in a subtle "design variation" like the diagonal cross blocks which were "supposed" to be framed with the background fabric rather than a third fabric. 
But this time, it resulted in the beginning of the backing?!?
In other words, units not usable to create the intended design.  The fifth set of blocks for Anneliese's #smorgasblocks Instagram follow-along reminded me how important it is to read all the words.  I rushed past a critical sentence and was so puzzled with the results of my first work session.
There was no way I could organize these blocks to make the intended design!
Long story short -- an exasperated Mary went back and read ALL the words slowly and made half the blocks over so that I could finish part five!  It's very cool but it's a bit embarrassing to admit that skimming the words and trying to glean all the information I needed from the pictures stopped me in my tracks.
I've put the first four parts together at this point (following Anneliese's instructions), stitched this Twizzle band together and am in the process of cutting and piecing part six (after reading the instructions carefully, twice).
If you are curious about the sew-along, you can read all the posts HERE.
I'm enjoying discovering new designers and the piecing challenges!
And if you an Instagrammer, search for the #smorgasblocks hashtag and see all the color variations -- very inspiring!!
Just remember to READ ALL THE WORDS!!

Mary Huey

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  1. So right on are your words of reading the whole post. I totally agree and these blocks are looking so wonderful! I've gone to check out the stitch along. Thanks!