Monday, July 11, 2016

Third Quarter 2016 Finish A Long Goals

It's time to set some goals again!  I only reached two of my goals during the second quarter (although I did finish nine other projects that weren't on the list).  As has happened to me before, the magic element is a "deadline" and I just don't seem to stick to my good intentions without one.  This time I have deadlines for four of the six projects I've chosen so perhaps I'll have a higher finish tally at the end of the quarter?!

First is the quilt I'm making to donate to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild for their #quiltsforpulse collection.  This is the center of the quilt -- the borders are on and it's under the needle at my George APQS quilting machine!  Hope to have it shipped off by the end of July!
This vintage applique is a rollover from the second quarter but now I have a deadline!!
It's going to be the most intimidating one of the six to quilt but I've decided who is getting it and would like to have it ready for a housewarming gift at the end of August so I'm hopeful! 
My version of Lucy Carson Kingwell's pattern, Smitten, has been stalled but I'm fired up to get back at it since I'm thinking it will be a great option for my students at the winter quilt show in 2017. 
Remember this round robin from early last year?  It's so cute.  I call it the Bug Hut and it's currently my summer hand stitching project -- big stitch quilting in process.  It's coming along in spite of sporadic stitching design pauses so I'm confident this one will be a finish this quarter!
This is another rollover project from the second quarter.  I just love the fresh colors in this quilt -- no one in mind for it at this point, but it will be fun to quilt -- so let's get to it, Mary!! 
And last but not least (what do you suppose is the origin of that expression), is this Bali 8-pointed star teaching sample.  It's been around for a couple years and is headed off to the Appleseed Quilters Guild in Ft. Wayne, Indiana for my workshop there in October.  So I thought it would be fun to get it finished before it leaves!!  It's not very big, so should be an easy finish?!  We'll see?
I'm tempted to add a few more but I've been doing such a good job letting myself be distracted these past three months by interesting little projects that I really should call this the list!
How about you?

Mary Huey


  1. Ooh! That Smitten quilt is YUMMY!!!! You have such fun projects going on. I was going to stay focused on one project this month, but Kate@SmilesFromKate talked me into doing a mystery quilt. I've never done one!

  2. I am always getting distracted too.
    The fresh prints of your rollover project are adorable. I fear I would miss housewarming and other deadlines in my eagerness to finish that one. :)