Monday, June 20, 2016

My Morris Hexathon is Moving Along

Today I'm sharing another update on my Morris Hexathon progress.  In the last post on this topic (HERE), I confessed to being "math" challenged (which is different than being geometry challenged which I'm not by the way).  I shared my frustration with Barbara via a comment and she responded with a clearer explanation and a complete post a week ago.  It's HERE.  Even if you aren't doing the Hexathon, you should check out her post -- it's amusing and filled with charming photos. 

As promised, the blocks have become a bit more complex with more pieces.  I had the good sense to save the templates I made for the second block -- the half diamond was the only shaped needed for the sixth block, the South Kensington Star. 
The machine piecing process began with piecing the half diamonds of two fabrics together to make the split diamonds.
I pressed the center seam open to make managing the bulk easier.
If you follow me regularly, you recall that I make three units at this point rather than two halves.  You can read that complete post HERE.
For those who have adopted the Set-In Piecing Simplified technique from my DVD or workshops, remember as you add the third piece, the most important match point is where the three seams of the y-intersection meet, not the outer ends of the piece.
And here is the finished star!!  I like this block a lot!!  Feeling pretty cocky about that center, too!!
The seventh block is called Avebury Stones.  Barbara included some of the history of this English landmark in her post with the pattern as well as examples of the blocks from several historic collections.  Be sure to check out the photos of the exquisite English Hexagon medallion recently sold at auction -- an inspiring masterpiece that used many of this block.
Happily, this block used three templates from Set G -- #46, #47, and #48!
Inspired by all the photos in Barbara's post, I auditioned a couple different layouts -- top half or bottom half?
Or how about this?  This block has lots of options much like the Rose Star blocks so it would be fun to make a quilt full of them!
I choose a layout that made the green shine.  The only y-seams are used to piece the center hexagon unit.  After that, it's all straight seams!
One does need to study the pressing as you assemble the block to maintain opposing seams.
And here's the finished block!
Still caught up!!  That is such a good feeling isn't it?
I've finished my stash cull -- 25% thinner for sure.  If you live in Northeast Ohio, I'll be participating in a group yard sale on Friday (6/24) and Saturday (6/25) to sell the 500 plus yards I'm parting with!?!  The address is 4578 River St., Willoughby, 44094.
I've also thinned out my library and have about 50 quilting books.
  Fabric will be $4 a yard for pieces 1 yard or over and $3 a yard for smaller pieces.  I'll be measuring the smaller pieces by the pound (1 pound equals about 3 yards) to keep it simple.  If you liked to shop in my store, you enjoy shopping from my stash, too! 
I'll bring along Marti's templates and my DVD and patterns, too.
So maybe I'll see you!!
Hope your week is off to a pleasant start!
Mary Huey



  1. Thanks for the pressing tips. That seems to be my biggest challenge. I'll have to go back to see what size hexagons you're doing. I'm doing the 4". I'm behind, of course, but still loving the picking out of the fabrics. Your tips and explanations are certainly helpful.

    Wish I lived close to Ohio! Someone's going to get some great deals at the yard sale! Have fun with it!

  2. I wish I were closer. I'm enjoying the scrap bag you sent so know I'd love to be at that yard sale! Just box up the leftovers if there are any and put them on a freight train headed south....