Thursday, June 23, 2016

Not Much Stitching . . . . .

Between taking a day off to wander around with a bunch of botany nerds in search of the Eastern prairie fringed orchid on Wednesday . . .
. . . and packing the car on Thursday to move all this stuff to the group yard sale . . .
I haven't done much stitching the past few days. 

Meandering through wild areas, off-trail in search of this lovely wild orchid was like being 12 years old again and exploring the over grown fields around my childhood home.  I feel like I'm with my tribe when I hang out with folks that enjoy all the nuances of exploring wild places!
The orchids are scarce and we were distracted by anything interesting like frogs -- but not just any frog -- Leopard frogs!!  They seem rare these days compared to my youth.  But not in the swamp forest at Maumee Bay State Park in Northwest Ohio -- we counted over 120 as we searched along the boardwalk near the Nature Center for more orchids. 
I could catch one of these with my bare hands when I was 10!!
It hasn't been seriously hot here (yet) but it's quite dry (we need rain!!) -- but it's perfect weather for dragonflies which accompanied us every where we wandered -- I would estimate close to a dozen species and hundreds of individuals.  A first for me in my sixty years of exploring.
I think they are lovely but can't identify any of them without a book or a friend.
The thinning out of my fabric stash and the painting of the studio are complete!!  I like the transformation in my studio.  There are even empty spaces on the shelves?!?
Expecting to have stitching time,  I've packed a knitting project
and an applique project that reappeared during the stash clean-up for the slow moments.
I'm looking forward to a couple leisurely days plopped in a lawn chair with my stitching and friends!
Hope your weekend is a good one!!

Mary Huey

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  1. Great wildlife photos, Mary, good to know about local natural wonders and know what to look out for when walking! Your studio shelves look beckoning ;))