Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fun Without Focus

As I've mentioned before, I'm easily distracted and it seems to be more prevalent during summer.
This weekend, I started quilting my wonderful bird quilt made with blocks from the creative member of the 2015 Stash Bee Hive #7.
I'm keeping it simple with wavy meandering parallel vertical lines.  I had hoped to be ready to bind by today, but . . . . . .
the milkweed outside the window at the quilting machine came into bloom.
That means butterflies!!  This fritillary was not easy to photograph.
But the yellow swallowtail was very accommodating.
I bounced back and forth between the machine quilting and organizing a border for the heart quilt to be donated to the Orlando MQG.  Have you checked out the #quiltsforpulse hashtag on Instagram yet?  Over 2000 posts and some very creative inspiring ideas!!
The top is set together and I've been piecing together a "piano-key" border.  Since I am using up scraps, I cut 6" strip rather than make long strip sets.  I laid out my stacks strips in an "opposites attract" order rather than a rainbow order.
The strips are random widths and a bit longer than needed to allow for trimming.
I like the way it's coming -- there will be a scrappy border of background fabric before the pieced border and I think some hearts in the corners for a simpler transition.
(Check out those Hexathon blocks in waiting down the left side of the design wall!!)
Then this arrived in my in-box -- I was part of Nicole's test group for her new pattern!!
Wicked Weaver!
Everything else stopped.  Since I had so much going on, I took the simple road with the fabric pull and used the texture from this Kaffe print for the body of a common garden spider.
I didn't take any progress pics but can report that I am pleased with the results.  This is the smallest of the three sizes included in the pattern.  I was impressed with the detail and accuracy of the design. 
Look at how those legs align?!?   
Check out the #wickedweaverpattern hashtag on Instagram -- you can do that from HERE on your computer!
I hadn't done paper piecing for quite a long time -- was delighted to find all my tools for it in the right place and to recall the "how-to's" from the past.  Want the pattern for yourself? 
Just go HERE!!  It's fun.
Back to the birds and the hearts!
Mary Huey


  1. Great border for your heart quilt! I don't think I could do the spiders. They are just so creapy. The fabric you used for his body is perfect!

    I am excited to see your stashbee quilt quilted. I don't know if I'll get mine quilted this year or not.

  2. Everything looks wonderful, including the butterflies and especially that spider! (I love your fabric choices!)

  3. How good of you to work on a Pulse Quilt! It will be appreciated. I have sent a block in too. I love the spider block. It is well made and scary. I would not want to wake up to it on a quilt of mine - Ha Ha =)

  4. You have a lot going on! Your #heartsforpulse quilt is wonderful. I love the different sizes of hearts! The spider...while it is amazing with the paper piecing...it just freaks me out!

  5. Hi Mary, You said "tools" for your piecing. What tools are you referring to? I am thinking about trying it out and the more tips I can get, the better. I've been reading up on it but nothing beats tips from those who have done it. :)

  6. I love the spider, perfect for upcoming Halloween.

  7. I keep seeing those paper pieced spiders! I'm not a fan of spiders but love your version and the background is perfect!

  8. that is one wicked spider. Excellent choice of body fabric.

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  10. Eek! I almost had to squash that spider on my computer screen! :)

    Love the border for the heart quilt. It's perfect--so bright and happy.