Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Spring has arrived in Northeast Ohio and I took a break from so much stitching to go outside to enjoy some of it's sights.  I look forward to all these little experiences year after year in anticipation of living outdoors for the spring and summer.
 I have daffodils blooming about 3 weeks earlier than typical. 
They don't usually overlap with the Lenten roses but it's lovely to have so much color in the garden!
I even found a little clump of my early red violets -- not sure how they got here -- it's about 50 feet from where the original clump is planted.
I spent last Saturday getting my garden enthusiasm revved up at the local Master Gardener's annual spring workshop day.  This year they added a little vendors area and I scored these charming herb markers.  Fun, fun, fun!!
The garlic chives are already up, so I dressed them up with the butter knife.
I actually planted some peas on St. Patrick's Day (tradition says that's the right day for this).  The decomposed straw bales from last year were easy to prep -- now the waiting for the first green shoots begins.  I rigged up a wire cover to keep critters off the rows.
While wandering the yard collecting some pictures to share, I heard the red-bellied woodpecker calling from his tree.  It was fun to catch this picture of him surveying the yard after tossing out a beak full of wood chips from his excavations in preparation for the arrival of his lady.
And even a cool sunny day is perfect for drying the bedding outside!  Such a wonderful fragrance to cuddle down into a bed of sheets dried in the sunshine!!
And I can't resist pansies!  These are destined for the window box outside the dining room to be enjoyed from both the inside and outside (and hopefully out of the reach of browsing deer!).
Last evening, I indulged in a whim to go looking for woodcocks courting!  During a walk in a nearby park early in the day, it occurred to me that one of the fields there might be good habitat for these elusive birds.  So at dusk, I returned to the park and within minutes I had found two of them calling and displaying!  Another spring ritual experienced!!
Do you have spring (or fall for my southern hemisphere friends) rituals that you look forward to experiencing?

Enjoy the week!
Mary Huey


  1. Ah, that was lovely. It's snowing here today, so your post is like a breath of fresh air. :-)

  2. Hi Mary! Just stopped by... you can keep the woodpeckers, since they are eating my house!

  3. Thank you for the photo of the woodcock. Such an interesting bird!
    Pretty pansies. You know, our daffs and Lenten roses overlapped this year, too. Significant, I wonder? Lucky you, with a place to hang out the bedding.
    Isn't spring wonderful?

  4. Your spring is farther ahead than we are in northern Indiana. Daffodils are up but not open yet. The crocuses are blooming though. I love the smell of fresh crisp sheets that have been dried on the clothesline. I'm looking forward to the rhubarb being ready, spring is the first of the rhubarb baked into rhubarb custard pie. Blessings, Gretchen

  5. mmm, rhubarb. I use to have a wonderful patch of it, but soil at this house is too dense. Happily, one of the vendors at our Farm Market has a field of it which he irrigates so it give me access to the stuff all spring and into the early summer!!

  6. What a refreshing post. Your daffodils, helleborus, and all the other bloomers are a wonderful testament to Spring.