Friday, March 18, 2016

Calling all "Orphans" and "UFQ's" -- it's adoption weekend!

The link-up is live now over at Quilting is More Fun than Housework!!
Quilting is more fun than Housework
The new windows are installed and so I can begin to put the studio back together.  Part of that process has uncovered some more UFQ's and I challenged myself to let go of at least 10% (or 4).
I turned four over to my charity quilt making gang!
And I have four (small) projects to give away!

The first is a pair of charming prints -- I think they are hankies.  They were suppose to be pillows for my little girls' beds.  My little girls are now 43 and 40, so I'm thinking it's time to pass these along to someone who has little girls.  The prints are 9" square and there are borders on them which could be removed easily.  First person to ask gets them -- leave a comment below!
The second one is a set of blocks with some extra fabric.  The framed center block is 18" square and there is a batch of heart blocks (4 1/4") and a batch of rail fence blocks (3 1/2").  Let's just say this project ran amuck a long time ago and I'm tired of being reminded about that so it needs to go.  There are 8 pieces of fabrics from 1/4 yard to 3/4 yard.  It would be lovely if someone could repurpose this into a small quilt that will be donated to a fund raising event.
Are you up to the challenge? 
Leave me a comment and it's yours! 
Here's another item that needs to be re-homed.  As you can see it's a Baltimore Album block with a ruched flower -- hand appliqued.  It was rejected from my daughter's heirloom quilt (finally finished) but I can't just throw it away.  It's 16" square and the background is unbleached muslin.
Can you use this in one of your quilts?
Let me know and it's yours! 
My final item is a hoard of placemats.  I worked part time at SurLaTable after I closed my quilt shop and collected these to use for purse projects.  While I did use many of them I discovered during the pre-window installation tidy-up, that I didn't use all of them.
They could be yours to do something clever with!!
Just leave me a comment and I'll send them off to you!
So there we go!  I'm eight UFQ's lighter thanks to Cynthia's Orphan Adoption Link-Up!!
Click HERE to get over to her blog and see what else is up for adoption.

Have a piece filled weekend!

Mary Huey


  1. I would love to use your beautiful Baltimore Album block in the quilt that I am making for my niece's wedding. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  2. Way to clean out those WIPs! I am sure all of these items will find a good home. Thanks for participating!

  3. Those little handkerchiefs would be so sweet in my granddaughter's room! If they are still available, and if you can bear to part with them, I'd love to give them a home.

    1. Merry, Merry -- I've tried to e-mail you a couple times to let you know these are yours but need a shipping address -- please check your junk mail folder!

  4. We, the Hugs Ministry of First Southern Baptist Church of Waterford CA, would love to receive the pink, black and cream basket project. We make quilts, pair them with stuffies, and give them to the local fire departments for kids in crisis situations. We also donate a quilt to the youth group fundraising auction every year. The auction funds are used to send kids to bible camp. Thank you for considering sending your UFQ to us. God bless, Cory

  5. My quilting group is starting a baby quilt project to sell baby quilts as a fundraiser for sewing tables and cupboards for the sewing room. I'd love to adopt the basket blocks and fabric for that project. Thanks. Karen

  6. I have those same hankies! My mother (who used to work at a fabric store) gave them to me when our only daughter (the youngest child) was born. At the time I was just simply too busy with 3 small children and then life just got in the way. I need to do something with them, but just haven't had any great ideas. You have some lovely give away projects listed. Please don't put my name in the drawing, I already have enough unfinished projects of mine own. I did go through all of the UFQ's a year ago and downsize,. I want to finish the projects I've kept. Enjoy your new windows! Blessings, Gretchen

  7. Mary, I'm intrigued by the idea of re-purposing those placemats. If no one else has a better purpose for them, I'd love to give it a try. Thanks! dezertsuz at gmail