Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Dresden Star -- a New Pattern!!

This past Saturday, I taught my first official workshop using the DRESDEN STAR block which came to my attention about a year ago.  You watched me prepare for the workshop as I made this new sample.
The first part of the workshop focused on cutting and piecing the block.  The morning went quickly and everyone was able to complete one block.
It's always so much fun to see other versions of a block and how value changes give the block a different look. 
After a pleasant lunch break, we spent time exploring ideas for expanding the basic blocks into larger pieces -- with one block or with a whole quilt's worth.
I gave each student a couple sheets of equilateral triangle paper and set them to work experimenting with pencil and paper.  After about 15 minutes, we came back together to share our discoveries.
It was exciting to see simple ideas expand into more complex ideas.
And everyone went home with a half dozen sketches that will help them enjoy making this block over and over for simple projects such as table toppers or full size quilts. 
I came home confident that my instructional leaflet makes sense and spent a couple days converting it into a pattern for the quilt so that those of you who don't have access to me face-to-face can also enjoy making this design.  It is now available in my Etsy Shop for download. The price is $8.  Click HERE to purchase it now!

The instructions are illustrated with photos and use Marti Michell's Set H, Large Hexagons Plus ($20) and 2" Kite & Crown Set ($14).  If you can't find these at your local quilt shop, you can purchase them direct from Marti Michell HERE.   And of course, I pieced it using the chain-piecing technique from my instuctional PDF, Set-In Piecing Simplified, also in my Etsy shop.  

Mary Huey


  1. Your Dresden Star is beautiful! Very inspiring. I'm glad the class was a success. Blessings, Gretchen

  2. Your stars look so nice! I have to try it once.

  3. The quilt is so pretty and I love seeing all the different colour combinations. The quilting is lovely too.

  4. Lovely pattern! You certainly are a Y Seam Warrior!

  5. The quilt is beautiful and I love the way it is quilted.