Monday, June 30, 2014

The Changing of the Quilts -- SUMMER!!

The arrival of summer means it's time to change the quilts again.  They are a cheery lot.  I need to pull the rolls of wall hangings out of the living room cupboard.
And go through the pile of larger pieces that live "flatly" on the guest bed to find everything.
This spring "poster" quilt has been hanging in my office.
It has been replaced with this farm inspired one from Country Threads first book way back in the late 80's. 
The Village Sampler (made with a little help from my friends) in the dining room now gets a chance to rest on the guest bed. 
And my first "blue ribbon" quilt comes back out of hibernation.  It's a pattern that ran back in 1996 in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine -- it was hard!!
Redbud spring has cheered up the living room all spring.
And now my English version of my pattern Houses of Hope (you buy this one for the easy picket fence pattern which can be adapted to use with any quilt) is the quilt for the summer.  I made it to remember my walking adventures in the English countryside of Dorset County. 
The large wall in the living room is reserved for the "masterpieces" -- this winter it was the applique quilt I made for my oldest daughter -- nice to be able to display it since we live together.
For the summer, it will be my overzealous, intimidating teaching sample for my workshop using Marti Michell's Double Wedding Ring templates.  I got carried away and have since had to make a less intimidating sample -- I do show this to my students but not until the very end of the workshop!! 
It was a cool spring here in Northeast Ohio so the quilt on the back of the sofa was used!
I hope I don't need to use this one during the summer but it's one of my favorites and it was made to match my living room curtains (with the help of my friends, again). 
Last but not least, there needs to be a quilt on the porch swing out front!  This is a rescued top that I've grown quite fond of since getting it quilted!
Now I suppose I better put all the quilts away that have been traveling with me to lectures and workshops this spring. 
The cats will be disappointed -- they enjoy sleeping on top of this pile!
Do you display some of your quilts around your home? 
Have a good day!!
Mary Huey


  1. Oh my....what a beautiful "stash" of quilts you have for switching out!

    1. It is a great stash -- so many that I can't part with . . . . yet.

  2. I wonder how many quilts you have in total. They are a useful and beautiful way to capture your creative history and enjoy it frequently. I have only one small mini on my walls but maybe I'll add to that as I complete a couple (maybe three) epp quilts in progress.

    1. I started to count them this winter and then got distracted -- let's just say there are about 80. Can't justify keeping so many if I don't rotate them regularly!

  3. I get to do this next weekend. AFter the 4th since I have all my red, white and blue quilts up now. I put up my yellow, orange and hot colored quilts for summer. I love changing quilts around.

    1. two changes in one season? Now that's an idea. Thanks for visiting, Barbara!

  4. I favor your village sampler because I love quilts with building in them, but all of your projects are lovely. I also like the wild colored quilt on the bed.

  5. Your quilts are lovely and so many of them too !! I'm visiting from Val's.