Monday, June 16, 2014

My Favorite Summer Teaching Gig!!

On July 20th this summer, I will return to the Chautauqua Institution for Week 5 of the summer program.  This will be my third year of teaching there and I'm creating a workshop entitled Women and Quilts Moving Westward (course #1231) to parallel the week's theme of The American West.   
A visit to Chautauqua is part intellectual stimulation with dozens of courses and lectures available each day as well as entertaining with evening concerts and lots of opportunity for porch sitting.
The morning lectures are a key piece of the week and that week will focus on American expansionism.  The week’s lecturers will examine the history of the country's frontier and reflect on what our nation gained — artistically, culturally, politically, economically — from westward expansion? 
(What you can't see from this point of view is the dozens of women stitching and knitting along the benches.)
Gathering for the morning lecture
Who wouldn't like to spend a week sheltered away from the cares of the world, walking peacefully from place to place down lovely lanes bordered by beautiful flower beds (though I understand the gardeners are pretty competitive), and enjoying the unique cottage architecture of the early 1900's.
Porch sitting is a required activity and the beauty of many of the porches rivals the gardens they overlook.
Here are three of my favorite railings!

And who can resist hollyhocks?
There are more expansive views along the lakeshore with tranquil sunrises to begin the day! 
I'll be teaching a late afternoon hand-piecing workshop to make 1/2 dozen Album blocks and sharing what I'm learning about "going west" into the wilderness in the mid-1800's from women's points of view based on their diaries. 
It's more of a working vacation -- I'll meet enjoyable people from all over the United States and Canada, worship every morning, attend stimulating lectures and exciting concerts punctuated with quiet moments gazing at the lake and wandering the beautiful grounds. 
Check it out if you are looking for a unique retreat from your world --
Mary Huey


  1. It looks like a beautiful location to hold a class. I love pretty porches and gardens to view, but adding quilting makes it all the better.

  2. It all looks and sounds wonderful. If you ever need an assistant, I might just raise my hand.

    1. You should try out a "week away" at Chautauqua now that you are retired, Lin!

  3. This sounds so interesting! And I saw in your bio that you owned a fabric store for many years! That is my dream! You may be my new idol ;)

    1. An idol?!? That's heady stuff! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Those porches are amazing! I can totally imagine sipping a cocktail and stitching the evening away on one of them. Lucky you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tanya! You've got that picture exactly right!