Thursday, June 5, 2014

Trying out the new camera!!

My dependable little camera has decided to retire from active duty -- they say it's her sensors.  I'm heading out on a BIG birding trip and so a new sidekick was needed.  Two professional photographers recommended a Panasonic Lumix to me and my research agreed. 
So yesterday before the rain I took it on my morning walkabout around my garden and grabbed these shots. 
The marsh marigold at the end of my little pond has given way to the primula japonica.
This is one of my local permanent residents -- great zoomed shot of him. 
Love this fuchsia -- I hope the hummingbirds are enjoying it as well since I got it for them! 
Primula viiali -- destined for the edge of the pond -- aren't they unique. 
 The window box is filling in nicely and seems to match the weigeila bush in bloom. The white flower's name just slipped out of my mind, but they smell luscious right now!
 This iris must love this spot as it is twice as big as last year.  I hope some day the large pink rose behind it will bloom with the iris -- won't that be lovely?

 This little pot of creeping thyme has really expanded and the bloom this year is spectacular.

I still have lots of little buttons to figure out on the camera, but at least I have the basics -- wonder if I'll get some good birding pics?
Enjoy your day!
Mary Huey


  1. Can't wait to hear about your birding trip! Will wait for photos!
    Lori Kennedy - The Inbox Jaunt

  2. Thanks, Lori! Last year's group spotted 183 species of birds and over 40 mammals -- surely there will be some great photo opportunities with that potential!!