Sunday, March 23, 2014

EPP Progress

Such a busy week -- seems like I barely made it to my sewing machine.  But every evening, I sat down with my box of hexies and added some more to the wreath!  Last evening I began to add the soft floral hexies to square it up. 

 I have drafted a more elaborate plan in EQ5 (no, I haven't upgraded) but decided it would take away from the central medallion which was the whole point of this piece.  So I'll file the plan for another project and keep this one simple. 
The soft floral is a leftover from the border of a quilt we made at my shop to celebrate the 25th anniversary -- I'm wondering where that quilt is?  Did I sell it?  Did I give it away?  Or is it hiding in a pile of quilts here in the house?  Hmmmm?
I also made two more little hexie flowers to match my Soupcon QAL piece -- still not sure I'll use them -- I move them around every time I got near the work wall.  No hurry -- I'll just let it ferment for a bit. 

Linking up at Hexie Weekend again -- looking forward to seeing what others have been doing in hexie way!!

Mary Huey


  1. Love your medallion quilt - it is shaping up beautifully. And your Soupcon quilt is a beauty. I adore the large floral fabric you've used to frame the center medallion!

  2. Just love how your wreath is growing, Mary. The colors are so soothing. I can see those hexies actually as another border in white around the Soupçon center. Thanks for sharing and linking to Hexie Weekend.