Saturday, January 27, 2018

Project Quilting -- Season 9, Triangulations

The challenge theme for Project Quilting this week has been "Triangulations".
Since I already had an important deadline, I decided to take a pass on this one but apparently I forgot to tell my subconscious.
On Thursday it reminded me that there are quite a few triangle sets (HST's to some of you) in the basket of 2 1/2" scrappy squares.
They are allowed to live there because they are 2 1/2" so they are compatible with the squares.
Okay, we'll just have a look and see how many there really are.
Hmm, when stacked up with all the light green squares, there are quite a few? 
If we are going to do this, it has to be small -- perhaps a tablerunner for the linen chest? 
These triangle sets are left over from a full size quilt I pieced in 2006 or 7?
To stimulate discussion, I laid them out arranging the lights and mediums to make diagonal bands -- I find that moving fabric or pieces around is a much quicker way to find solutions than just staring at the pieces.
IDEA!! Since it's such a soft, subtle pattern it would make a nice background for some applique.
(Little voice in my head -- and when will you have time for that?  The deadline?)
And then I remembered this little piece of applique in a stack of rather old UFO's that I can't bear to let go.  It was the beginning of a sample for my shop and my mother did the applique for me.
What if I inserted it into the piecing?
So began the experimenting with it's position.  I miscalculated the finished size of the triangle sets once they were joined and realized to insert it, I would have to trim off some of the applique.
Not happening!!
So I moved it to the end and shifted the triangle sets around some more until I was satisfied with the arrangement. 
The quilting was an evening's work since I kept it simple! 
At one point when I hung it on my work wall, I realized it also would make a lovely wallhanging.
So I inserted "hanging" triangles on all four corners just in case it is used that way in the future. 
Now it's on the linen chest in the living room.
It's measures 10" by 29". 
It's perfect!
Love having this piece my Mom stitched on display and another ancient UFO crossed off the list!
And even though I was pro-quiltinating by answering this challenge, I still made my deadline!!

Thanks for the challenge Project Quilting!!
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  1. How lovely! What a great way to get a few UFO projects finished and still carry sentiments of a special piece from your mom! You will smile each time you see it...very pretty!

  2. Mary...I just love ❤️ the runner you made and the colors are beautiful...especially with the Appliqued piece on the end. It’s less likely to be covered up being in that position.

  3. Love this piece and the colours! A great way to use up those UFO's.

  4. So pretty! I love that you added that special piece from you mom.

  5. I love this, the colors, and the arrangement! You are so creative!

  6. A lovely finish, Mary, made extra special by your Mom's wonderful applique.

  7. Oh I love it when a unexpected plan comes together and that is just what happened to you this week--love that runner and the colors and your Mom's work makes it perfect!!
    enjoy, di

  8. I love your little runner! Everything about it is just right, the colors, the quilting and especially the applique and the way it is placed on the end where it shows up so nicely. Isn't it great when our miscalculations work out so well.

  9. So glad your subconscious won out this week for a lovely table runner...thanks for sharing your process!

  10. Beautifully done, Mary. I love the appliqué from your Mom, and placing it at the end was brilliant. You can enjoy seeing it and the pretty soup turine isn’t covering it up.

  11. These are such lovely soft greens. A beautiful finish.

  12. Love this post! It was fun reading about the process and awesome that you used one of your mom's applique pieces and it works so well with your orphan HST's. Win/win!/win!

  13. What a lovely piece! I loved hearing about your process and so happy your subconscious made you join in!