Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Is "Catching Up" Possible?

I've been pondering that possibility the past couple days -- no answer yet, just more questions.
I'm supposed to be on a little botany trip with friends but a brief illness changed my plans and yielded 4 empty days -- bonus!!  I can get caught up!!
A little naïve, perhaps?

I've fallen behind on the blocks for Sew Fresh Quilt's Jolly Little Christmas SewAlong so spent time last week getting three of the blocks cut.
And now happily, here's the time to piece them
I tackled the snow men first!  Look at these cute little faces!?!
Zoom, zoom, the piecing goes so quickly!
Although all these units had to be "destitched". 
Going too fast and forgot to insert the brim of the hat pieces -- not just once, but six times!
One of the "perks" of chain-piecing?
Soon I was back on track and in the end finished two more darling blocks for the piles!
Wouldn't this block make the cutest border or row in a quilt?? 
The Holly and Berries blocks went together quickly and Lorna has shared a design on her blog for a cute tablerunner project using this block!
This is always the dangerous moment for me -- I'm on a roll, really making good progress!
"Let's do the third set of blocks", she said!
Going carefully, double checking the organization of the pieces to be stitched!
Achieving consistent skinny bands by measuring the seam allowance from the left instead of the right -- excellent tip someone shared with me years ago and easy to do with the Bernina #37 1/4" foot.
Ornaments ready to trim and press -- this block is so cute!! 
All the units are stitched and in the correct positions -- awwwesomme!!
(You need to say that word in a falsetto sing-song voice (-;  )
Oops -- the top half and the bottom half aren't lining up?? 
It seems that in my confident state of mind,  I fell into the "look at the pictures and skip the words" trap.
Result -- units that needed trimmed were not and now there needs to be more destitching.

Conclusion -- no, catching up is not possible today -- because I've made more work for myself by being careless and not reading everything!  Lorna does a great job of organizing these posts and writing instructions -- I need to do a better job of using them!!
Perhaps I should do a study on whether it takes longer to read or destitch??

I'm out of here -- going for a walk and get centered!!


  1. All your blocks are looking so cute, Mary! The ornaments block is the toughest one in the bunch. No doubt you will have it all trimmed up and restitched together perfectly in not time following your break. I have the same trouble with being on a roll.... sometimes I look at the pictures and neglect to read the words, too.... And I am supposed to be double checking those words!

  2. Don't worry--it seems a lot of us had a bit of unstitching and rematching to do on the ornament block--so none of us can read anymore--we are all in a hurry I think--I had reversed two background pieces on the bottom row--but even after I fixed that I had a bit of 're figuring' to get to come out right--so hang in there!!!
    enjoy the moments, di

  3. Oh Mary,
    What a lovely post. I was really rooting for you there. What - how could they not match up. How rude. Everything is just so cute - love those snowmen!, and the berries. The ornaments are too - just swap out those two squares and you will be back on track. {{Hugs}} It happens to ALL of us. We just don't tell you about it. ~smile~ Roseanne (Well, I do blog about mistakes - hence the monthlong boycott from the quilt I just finished. It was just too annoying to look at, so it had to serve a penance before I could finish it!)