Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Third Quarter 2017 Finish-A-Long Goals

Given that I didn't meet all my goals for the second quarter I'll be rolling over these two projects -- quilt tops that need quilted!  I'd like to give my Smorgasblock quilt away in mid-September -- perhaps the "deadline" was too far off to motivate me during the spring?
I also want to finish this sweet little crib size quilt and get it listed in my Etsy shop -- it really needs a nicer home than my UFO shelves, don't you think?
Then there are the two quilts I picked up from Sarah at Quilting by the Mill in early May -- binding is cut -- surely I can get that put on sometime in the next 3 months???
This is my orchid kaleidoscope quilt top -- in four sections for a more manageable quilting experience.  It's gorgeous and will look fabulous in my newly redecorated bedroom, so time to get in gear and finish this one, too.  I think I can quilt it using the same pattern I used on a previous kaleidoscope quilt so trying to figure out "how to" should not be an excuse to hold me back. 
Here's another quilt I want to gift in September and it's a simple quilting job as well!!  Will I get it done??  I sure hope so!!
Many years ago, my youngest sister, an anthropologist brought this piece of fabric back from Ghana for me.  This heavy cotton is handwoven in strips and the strips are stitched together.  It's impossible to photograph the "joining" but it is down the middle of the widest black stripes.  I finally found a project for it!!  The Maker's Tote by Noodle Head (at the moment, the pattern is being shy -- okay, I've set it down in a stupid place -- so you'll have to go HERE to see it).  It looks a bit intimidating to me but @robotmomsews is hosting a sew-along on Instagram during July -- might just be the motivation and encouragement I need?  
I'm thinking some of this Kaffe that a friend gave me for my 70th might work well with it??
Six goals -- two per month?
I think I can do this!!

What's on your list?

Linking up at She Can Quilt -- I'm number 69!! 
Check it out -- there's some inspiring projects going on out there!!


  1. I look forward to seeing your tote. I think it will look great with some of the Kaffe fabrics. I had the same pack and just now finished using the balance of it. That fabric made it's way into four projects! :-) Spring and summer is a challenging time for me to be productive quilt-wise. Even with deadlines, there are so many other projects to do that something has to give. Like you, far-off deadline projects get pushed aside and then all of a sudden, they need to be ready within a week or two. YIKES! I have one of those right now so I better get off the computer and get busy.

  2. Pretty! I really like your orchid kaleidoscope. Good luck on your goals!

  3. Six things, yes you totally can get them done! Lovely projects you have going on there. Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2017 global Finish-A-Long hosts.