Saturday, June 3, 2017

And There Goes May!!

May has been a month of indulgence for me -- lots of birding, a bit of stitching, and rhubarb every day!!  I know not everyone likes this veg/fruit but my Dad grew and I relish munching on a stalk of it fresh from the garden when I was a kid.
The easiest way to get my fill is stew it -- doesn't take long -- with a little sugar -- I like the tart -- and sometimes a dash of orange flavoring. 
I snack on it just like this and also use it as a garnish on my morning oatmeal. 
I also share it since most of the people I know who like rhubarb live with rhubarb haters.
This past week, I made a rhubarb coffee cake using King Arthur Flour's Cranberry-Orange Coffee Cake recipe (it's HERE on their webpage) though I saved it from their catalog!
I substituted 1 1/4 cups of fresh rhubarb for the cranberries and it got very good reviews from my quilting gang!!  I give you permission to snag this idea!!
In spite of all the birding, I've managed to stay caught up with the Long Time Gone FAL.  I used Marti Michell's templates to cut a scrappy assortment of brights and text prints.
A couple sessions of chain piecing and I have the first and second triangle blocks finished.
The feature print at the center of this one is from a print I colored for Kings Road back in the 1990's
(The text prints really aren't so different in shade -- that's the lighting when I took the pictures.) 
I've cut everything for the third blocks but have to leave now for a week of birding in Maine.

And I'm still progressing on the pineapple blocks. 
So I'm literally gone -- see you soon!!



  1. I love rhubarb but have no luck growing it here in the upper south - just too darn hot. Grew up in WI though so I sure do know what it is like and would love it if they sold it in the stores here but they rarely do - not even frozen
    Love your HST's

  2. I am a super taster so tart is not a taste that I enjoy (it actually hurt lol) but rhubarb remind me of my Grand-ma that was always growing them in of the only thing that was growing so far north. Enjoy :)

  3. "but have to leave now for a week of birding in Maine" - Just have to! So sad~ :)
    I also love rhubarb and stew mine in a little orange juice instead of water, and that bit of sugar of course. Happy trails!

  4. I'm not sold yet on rhubarb but I recently read this recipe for not too sweet muffins and they got rave reviews. Deb has several interesting rhubarb recipes, actually, although your photos from the KA recipe looks very tasty.