Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Workshop Teaser -- Dresden Stars

It took about 2 minutes for me to get excited about the possibilities of cutting this block with Marti's templates and piecing it using the y-seam technique I teach.

It will be one of my workshops during the Lake Metroparks Farmpark Quilt Show which opens on February 12, 2016.  This workshop will be Saturday, February 20 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  If you live in Northeast Ohio or Northwest Pennsylvania and would like to join me that day,

My first sample is a single block that is centered in a big (silly) six-pointed star.  One of the topics we'll be discussing during the workshop is figuring out a setting for this block so I am currently working on a larger sample with seven full stars and four half stars.

As good fortune would have it, I won a sampler packet of Moda's Good Karma fabric line by Stephanie Ryan (love that Instagram!!) a month ago so I had this up-to-date group at hand!!  It came as a bundle of 10" squares.
After pressing all the pieces and gazing at them for a bit, I started to sort and shuffle the pieces into possible pairs.
It didn't take long to cut all the pieces I needed.
And with the chain-piecing approach to y-seams, I soon had little piles of diamonds ready to set together into the stars.
There was a pleasant evening spent picking out motifs and creating the center hexagons by basting them EPP style for applique to the finished blocks.
The blocks are now on my work wall being moved around and shifted this way and that while I work up a setting for a small quilt.   
It will be a bright quilt for sure!!

I think the blocks would also look great in 1930's reproductions -- I wonder if the quilt Karen showed me was from that era?  It's a perfect scrap quilt for sure!

Once I get all the kinks out of the instructions, I'll offer a pattern for all you Michell template lovers!!
Now I need to get back to the studio and play with this layout some more.

Think about joining the workshop!!

Mary Huey


  1. Oooh, another possibe leader and ender project. They are going to really shine in this new quilt, Mary. Love that first one made by your friend.

  2. Oh, I love hexagons, and I love your beautiful blocks.

  3. Winning a bundle of Good Karma fabric must be good karma! :)

  4. Wow, those stars are just fantastic.Love them all and also your fabric combo.