Saturday, November 7, 2015

Quiet Mary

That's who I've been for the past couple weeks -- quiet Mary.  No particular reason, just feeling quiet.
But of course, I've been busy.
We've had a week of rare beautiful, mild November weather and there has been lots of woods walking but I finally finished quilting this piece for my younger daughter.  The only table with available work space was out on the patio so that's where I trimmed it for binding. 
She pieced and appliqued it at least 10 years ago and I noticed it wadded up in her knitting supply closet earlier this year and offered to bring it home and quilt it for her.
I might have quilted the border too densely for the interior of the quilt, but I'll wait to make that final decision until it has been washed -- it would be easy enough to go back in and add some more quilting.  I'll bind it this weekend and take it to her next week.
My studio time has been used cutting and organizing Rose Star kits for workshops this coming week in upstate New York.  It provided another opportunity to test my cutting strategy for this block -- you can read about that HERE
I'm even "marking the dots" since it's only a half day workshop and I want everyone to get the entire block pieced.  No two kits are exactly alike and I'm a little nervous about everyone liking my choices but if they don't, they'll have a holiday gift almost done when they leave the workshops.
This little spot of color in the garden caught my eye yesterday morning from the office window.  The new fall crocus bulbs were up and blooming.  I took some pictures to remind me where they are planted so I don't dig them up next summer while planting something else.
And my red witch hazel shrub is absolutely glowing.
A friend remarked that it would be a good color combination for a quilt.
The handouts are ready, the quilts for my lectures are almost piled up, and this weekend I'll assemble the workshop supplies and review everything for an early launch on Monday morning!
Maybe I'll see you in Syracuse?
Have a pleasant weekend!!
Mary Huey


  1. Mary, tell your daughter her quilt is gorgeous and what a team effort with your lovely quilting! I wish that I could magically join you in Syracuse! Have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful quilt. Your daughter will be happy to finally have it completed.

  3. That quilt has a lovely old-timey feel about it. I do think a little more quilting in the middle would be very effective. Maybe just quilt the white squares in the nine patched. The border quilting is very effective. I love using straight lines that way.

    I forgot to look for our fall crocuses. They are such a lovely little pop of colour as they poke through the leaves that have fallen from the trees.

  4. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Getting the quilting even can be trickly. I go back and add quilting sometimes too.