Friday, November 27, 2015

The best kind of "black Friday"!!

What you ask is the best kind of "black Friday"? 
I think most of you can guess.
It's a wide open, nothing else going on, stitching day!!
And that's how I spent Friday, November 27, 2015 -- stitching.
I finished up three small projects and worked on a fourth I'll be sharing next week!
This cloth version of the perennial 1950's favorite, The Poky Little Puppy, has been cut out and hidden in my studio for longer than I can remember.  Earlier this month, I laid it on the cutting table in hopes that looking at it every day would stimulate me to finish it. 
And it finally made it today!!
Another preprinted panel project that was malingering away up there was this lovely apron panel.  Actually it may have been one of my mother's UFQ's.
But now it's finished and ready to use or gift.
Finally, I'm putting together a bundle of Christmas gifts for a 7 year old girl who adores all things Frozen -- I shopped last week for fleece to make a throw but decided instead on this much cuter cotton to make an Easy Peasy Drawstring Backpack.  This is the fourth time I've used this tutorial from Sew Can She -- takes less time every time I make one!! 
Want to try one -- you can find the tutorial HERE!
Need inspiration?   You can see the first two I made HERE!!
It was a good day!
Time to retire to the couch to enjoy some apple pie, a romantic movie, and some sock knitting!!
More stitching waits the morrow!!
Mary Huey


  1. I too love Black Friday for a sew day instead of a shop day! Congratulations on all you accomplished. I adore the apron.

  2. Glad you are back up and the apron!

  3. I love your finishes! The vintage little book is perfect. I remember that book from my childhood.

  4. Great progress, Mary. Love that apron panel. It feels good to finish, doesn't it?

  5. Fun things you've been doing. I'm knitting mittens instead of socks. And, I watch romantic movies to knit by!