Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hexie Progress!!

It was a busy weekend with lots of activities that kept me away from my sewing machine but not from my stitching.  My travel pouch full of hexie basting supplies went along with me when I left the house!  When I ran out of hexies to baste, I stitched the first two motifs together even though the majority of the other 20 motifs are not quite to this stage.
I'm so pleased with how it looks. 
Once that was finished, there was no way to stop me and I set together the entire top row and then laid some of the second row in place just to admire it!!
Once again, I counted on the diagram how many of path hexies I need and counted how many I think I can cut from the very, very, very old piece of English cotton (might be Liberty).  I knew it would be tight when I decided to use it, but now I think it's going to fall short by about 40 hexagons. 
To the stash!!
Happily I found these two fabrics that blend nicely with the floral and started to decide how I would insert them in such a way that it looks like part of the plan.  Originally, I intended to substitute the green or the beige at the intersections of the path, but as I auditioned back and forth trying to choose one, I stumbled into this happy arrangement.
I like the lift it gives to the green in the motifs!  I'll need 85 green hexies and 28 beige ones (fussy cut to center that box of dots) and while I don't have much of either fabric, I have enough. 
Now I don't have to worry (I hope) about running out of the floral (but I'm saving all the scraps just in case I need to "make" fabric).  And I'm roaring to go on this quilt again -- having too much fun to stop -- maybe I can finish the top by the end of July?
I'll have more porch time once these two chicks leave the nest in the hanging fern basket on the front porch!?!  They are now 11 days old and have about another week in the nest.  
Mary Brower Huey's photo.
If you live on the east side of the Cleveland, Ohio area and would like to join me on the porch (or in the backyard) for hand stitching time, plan on Monday afternoon, June 29, 1 to 3 p.m.!
Hope your week is off to a pleasant start and you get in some of your own stitching!!
Mary Huey


  1. I love the "happy arrangement"! Your quilt is going to be gorgeous!

  2. Lovely hexie arrangements Mary - it takes a lot of patience! The flowers and pathways are perfect. And your little winged friends are darling too! We should meet 1/2 way for a a day of stitching someday -- if you're ever closer to the Finger Lakes do give a ring! Take good care, Karen

  3. Oh boy! Wish I could join you in sewing hexies! I think your top will be better for having to mix in another fabric. Fun post. One year a bird couple set up housekeeping inside the screened in porch so that come spring we were not allowed to close the door. We heard the babies chirping for a while, and they could not figure out how to leave the next without our assistance. THAT was not fun. LeeAnna