Friday, June 26, 2015

A Few Days Off From My Stitching

What prompts you to take a break from your stitching? 
This week, my youngest daughter and my grandchildren came for a visit and all stitching ground to a halt.  The focus for their visit was spending time together.   
That's a local waterfall roaring like Niagara after a heavy rainfall Monday evening.  It messed up our plans to explore the creek but not our fun!
My granddaughter and I had one of our little tea parties.  She informed me that one of her goals in life is to use every tea cup in my collection!?!  Okay!
We spent a morning exploring the Botanical Garden -- I think I was the only one who didn't try out these contraptions.
Mary Brower Huey's photo.
And the best part for me is always all the family dinners!!
When they leave, I'm always at lose ends so I headed out into the garden to weed and see what's blooming.  With all the rain we've had in the past month, the garden looks more green than anything and the weeds come out easily. 
But there are some highlights of color!
Butterfly weed is in full bloom -- not many butterflies though -- this wet weather is not butterfly friendly.
A penstomen has started what I hope will be a long summer of blooming. 
I found the wild rose in bloom in the back corner -- I'm always happy to see it again! 
The afternoon rain chased me inside and I spent a productive 45 minutes machine quilting until I heard UPS leave a package at the front door.  It's here.  The beginning of a new project.
So up to the studio to finish prepping for my turn as Queen Bee for Hive #7 in the Stash Bee block swap.  Aren't they fun?  I made three (using a tutorial from Block Lotto) and wrote my post which will go live on July 1 -- check that off the list!! 
Back to my stitching and my gardens until the next visit!!
How will you enjoy your weekend?
Mary Huey


  1. Same here - my granddaughter is coming for a 2 week visit, so stitching will slow down considerably as we spend time together. It will be all the more precious as they are moving to Oregon soon and won't have them close any more. Wish we had rain. The green in your garden is so restful. Love that Michael Miller print!

  2. The birds look like fun to make.
    I haven't sewn a stitch all week because of a family wedding. Priorities!