Monday, November 17, 2014

First Robin Round!

A couple weeks ago, I received a package in the mail with this cool fellow as the start-up for a round robin with five other quilters!  It's the first round robin I've done in about five years and my first long distance one!!
I pinned him up to my work wall and spread out the fabrics that Kathy sent along with him and waited for inspiration for the border of 3" blocks as the first round. 
Hmmmmm . . . . . . ???????
Aha!!!  I can't tell you what my idea was but I can show you a little bit of what I did!  It involves triangles and so I revisited using triangle paper instead of templates.  I still have a good supply of the various sizes of paper and because you stitch before you cut, it is a quick process. 
I prefer Mimi Shimp's Quiltime Triangle Paper -- the configuration of the sewing lines makes for  quick tidy stitching and the paper she prints on is easier to remove. 
You also don't have to worry about your seam allowance!!  If you can follow the line, it's perfect.  If you haven't used it, there are two layers of fabric right sides together under that paper.  Using a rotary ruler as my guide, I trim around the outside edges of the cluster I've stitched.
Then I cut the squares apart and finally the triangles. 
I take the time to pull the paper back and crease it along the stitch as it makes the paper easier to remove. 
Over the years, I've discovered if I start to pull the paper away at the center of the seam, it goes faster and the paper comes away cleaner.  
In no time, I have the HST's ready to trim and press. 
I take the corners off before pressing -- that eliminates bulk! 
Match the HST's up to a third print and a little more cutting!
Ready to stitch!! 
And that's all I can show you!  It's on it's way to Bea for the next round!!  The quilts will be traveling through the winter and will come back home in April.  I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else's pieces and the challenge of creating the perfect next step!!
Bea over at Beaquilter is our leader and she has dubbed this a "planned" round robin in that the size and placement of each rounds blocks is dictated from the start.  This time is 3" blocks all around the 12" starter block.  December will be 6" blocks top and bottom.
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Mary Huey


  1. Thanks for sharing a sneak peak...looks great! Can't wait to see it in April. Thanks I am sure I am going to love it ;)

    1. It was fun to work on your piece -- the idea came so quickly!!

  2. That bear makes a fun start for you. I too like triangle paper for its accuracy.

  3. What a great piece Mary and love the printed fabric in the background!

    1. I didn't piece the bear -- that's Kathy's gem!! Thanks for stopping by Connie!

  4. As I browse your blog I have found many similarities in our craft. My favorite way to do half square triangles is the way you described in this tutorial.

    1. I've used that technique longer than templates -- the paper goes a bit faster, but the more I work with the templates, the more impressed I am with how accurate my HST's are!?!