Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gracious Purging - a strategy for UFO control!!

Good morning, all!!  Purging seems to be a popular topic in the blogosphere -- no doubt a manifestation of the fall cleaning spirit.  During October, A Bowlful of Lemons posted a 31 Day Purge series.  I followed it, didn't make much progress, and was relieved on the days that I didn't have any of the targeted stuff to be purged because I didn't have to feel guilty that day for not participating enthusiastically.
Bonnie Hunter just issued a 5-minute purge challenge.  I might be able to do 5 minutes a day and the studio could certainly use thinning out a bit.  So today, one of my primary tasks is to purge some UFO quilting projects! 
Nine years ago when I closed my shop in Northeast Ohio, I had 72 finished quilt tops (in assorted sizes) ready to be quilted.  I felt confident that I could work down through the pile at the rate of two a month (after all I would have more time to quilt), and I would be done with them in a couple years.
Mmmmm, sure?!   
Fast forward to 2014 and you see I still have quite a long list.  33 to be exact.  The ones on the list that aren't highlighted with a blue circle were all made/started before 2005 (oh, my).  And this list doesn't include the ones in a yard sale box that I decided several years ago to let go. 
So, today is the day!!  Four finished tops and backings plus one project that I really stalled out on a long time ago. No, I'm not going to show them to you because you might try to talk me out of letting them go.    
Quick!!  Into the box they go.
Close up the box.  
Print the mailing label and put it into the car to be dropped off at the Post Office on today's errand run!!
I'm sending them to Vicki at A Quilter's Mission!!  I don't recall how I found her blog but she works with a Mennonite relief group and they accept donations of quilt UFO's and finish them to be used either to raise funds for their work or to bless recipients of their work.  You can read more about it here.  
Vicki gave me permission to share the address for sending things, but do take the time to read her blog so that you understand her mission and what they can use.  As a coordinator for a small charity quilt making group myself, it's beneficial to get donations, but they need to relevant to the work we do.
Vicki Posten
c/o North Fresno Church
5724 N Fresno St
Fresno, CA  93710​
The way I see this is it's a shame to leave them laying in my piles when they could be doing some good -- raising funds for emergency relief or warming someone in need.  Plus letting go of five pieces lifts some guilt off my shoulders not to mention the time I've saved in the future.
There are many good causes out there for us to bless with our quilts and I'd love to hear where you donate your good work!!
Linking up today at One Project at a Time, a link party over at Bowlful of Lemons and at Freshly Pieced!!  So many new ideas to be had!!
Is anyone else smiling at the title of their linky party -- I don't think I can manage just one project at a time?!?
Mary Huey


  1. Mary, thank you so much for blessing us with these quilt tops. They will be finished and cared for. You have already blessed us with your generosity.

    1. You are very welcome -- thanks for giving each of them a good home!!