Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sharing more quilts!

It's time to share a couple more quilts -- they are on their way to Quilts of Compassion to be part of their distribution to tornado victims in Nebraska, August 12 through 18.

I made this quilt during the "testing" phase while writing my pattern, Seasonal Medallion.  Stupid name, but cool design. 
This is the back -- it was made from one of those "sacred" stacks that was living on the top shelf of my fabric stash -- you know what those are, don't you?  "looking for the perfect pattern" stacks? 
This is a retired teaching sample made with Marti Michell's Multi-size Kite Ruler.  If you have the tool, the pattern for the block is included in the instruction leaflet that comes with the tool.
The color combination was inspired by the floral print seen here and it's very simply quilted. Keeping the quilting simple is one of my best strategies for getting quilts finished.  It really cuts down on the "intimidation" factor for me!
I only had one yard of the floral and you are seeing every bit of it in this overall picture!!  When I first laid out the finished blocks, I noticed the potential of creating a churn dash block by using a cornerstone in the sashing and extended it out into the border. 
It feels good to pass these quilts along to other folks -- they are too nice to live in a pile on my guest bed!!  They need to be snuggled!!

How do you share your quilts?  Leave me a comment and on Saturday, 8/9/2014, I'll give away a copy of the pattern -- Seasonal Medallion!

Mary Huey


  1. Beautiful pieces. I love the happy accident of the curn dash. Only an experianced eye would see that potential.

  2. Love your quilt. I like to "share" my quilts as gifts to family and friends. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Donna -- you are my pattern winner -- e-mail me at to organize getting the pattern!!

  3. Thanks, Donna! I've been sharing with folks I'll never meet for a long time -- helps my justify my obsession with making quilts "without" a reason!