Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Diversions from Quilting?

It's July and the largest currant bush known to mankind is heavy with another bumper crop of red currants. 
I love these tart little red gems.  I have some fuzzy childhood memories about them -- not very sharp pictures -- but there were currant bushes and currant jelly way back there in the landlady, Miss Hunt's garden on River Street.
So every day, I go out there and pick currants for 30 minutes.  To try and pick over the entire bush in one day would do me in, so steady does it!
Our black lab, Coal, prefers shady places and has discovered a spot under the south side of the bush where he keeps me company.  My cat, Willie curls up on the opposite side.
I lift up the netting which keeps the birds off until I harvested all I can use and slip the berries off their stems into a bucket sitting at my feet.
I enjoy the sunshine and think about this and that and slowly the bucket fills up.  I'm happy to glean 2 to 3 cups a day.  Some will be used right away and some frozen for the winter months.  I make jelly.  I make jam by mixing them with sour cherries or red raspberries.  I use them in muffins and pancakes.
But today, this bunch is destined for a currant torte!!  A cookie like crust topped with currants that are folded into a sweet meringue -- mmmmm! 
How are you diverted from quilting during the summer months?

Mary Huey


  1. Definitely a summer joy - one which we don't have in Australia either!

    1. What? The English didn't bring currants with them? ?? (-;