Thursday, May 1, 2014

Goals for May!

For the past couple days, I've been thinking about quilting goals for the month of May.  This is a little like getting ready to go on a retreat!?!  I keep adding just one more project because it all seems so "doable" from this end of the month.  There are six on the list for consideration.

There are 31 days -- I'll be on the road teaching for 11 of those days -- that leaves 20 days when I can get into the studio.  Hmmmmmm?

There are two quilts that need to be finished by the end of the month -- both to be machine quilted and both are layered up and ready.  The first is this twin size quilt which will go to Appalachia with a friend's mission team in July.  Truth be known -- I started it this afternoon and got about 20% of the quilting done. 
 This is the second one -- a large lap size piece -- rather old top -- could be 20 years old?  Yikes!!  I'm finishing it for my youngest sister who hits the BIG 60 this summer.  I've been giving each of my siblings a quilt for their 60th -- last one!!
Then there's the half finished one I showed on Tuesday that I'm quilting in sections.  No deadline for this one -- just want to get it off the shelf -- so that might be designated a "maybe" for May.
For sure, I want to keep up with the two QAL's I'm participating in!  The blocks for the Little Bunny QCQAL go together quickly and are spaced every other week.
Karen's Value Proposition QAL at Faeries & Fibres is a bit more work, but I enjoy the work so much that it's hard to put down -- and it's portable, so that will be my travel project!
And I need to keep moving on my daughter's quilt, so the goal for May will be to quilt two of the blocks minimum!!  There might have to be some "hand-slapping" to keep me focused on it in the evenings and away from the hexies while I'm home.  I definitely want to finish it this year and it's too cumbersome to take traveling with me.
That's 6!!  BUT WAIT -- there's one more and it's small.  Can I get my Soupcon QAL quilted, too?
And get the gardens whipped into shape? 
And prep for my teaching gigs?  
And write my blogposts? 
And go birding compulsively during spring migration? 
And get out into the woods to enjoy the spring wildflowers?
We'll see!!  Wonder what all the other quilters linking up over at A Year of Lovely Finishes 2014 are setting as their goals?  Let's go see!!
Mary Huey
Twelve hours after writing this post, I woke up having a reality check -- seriously, Mary?  It's one thing to set the bar, but a little dose of practical reality is needed here especially since I forgot about the two teaching samples that need to be ready at the end of May.  So the most work intensive project (the basket sampler) and the least pressing on (the little Soupcon piece) are off the May list and will be replaced with the two teaching samples -- one is a finished lap-size top ready to be quilted and the second is sort of a "twinkle in my eye" -- the blocks are finished, but the tablerunner they will become is just being born.  With that said, I think I better go machine quilt for an hour.  What do you think?


  1. You have set some lofty goals for yourself. I hope you can get at least a few of them finished.

  2. It is better to have too many projects to chose from rather than not enough! I do like your Value Proposition block and it is a nice portable project that can be worked on when you are out and about! Do what you can and what doesn't get done can go on the June To-Do List!

  3. I am wishing you all the best for your goals. I am doing fine with my one quilt, all done, a month, even if I end up like a mad person at the end of the year to get 12 finished. I also stretch what constitutes as a finished piece.I do have 4 done so far and the back made for a rather large piece. Sorry I will miss you in Columbus on Memorial Day.

  4. I'm anxious to see how you quilt your Soupcon version. All you projects are lovely! The 20 year old top shows how timeless log cabins are.