Tuesday, May 20, 2014

QCQAL Block #6 -- Churn Dash with Marti's Templates

The journey continues!!  The winner for the sixth block in the QCQAL over at Little Bunny Quilts is Churn Dash.  Alison provided instructions for 12" blocks -- one using four 6" blocks and the other for a single 12" block.  Since I definitely have too many oars out of the boat at this point, I chose to do the large 12" block rather than the four smaller ones.  For that size, I used B8 and B9.  It didn't take long to cut and so I also made another 6" block using B12 and B13. 
I fussy cut a square for the center -- still haven't used all the figures on the focus print!!
To cut the rectangles, I cut a strip 2 1/2" wide and used B8 to trim rectangles to the correct length for the block.
I chose not to use all the polka dot colors for the 12" block and arranged two warms (yellow and orange) and two cools (lavender and green) to balance the block visually.
For the 6" block, I went totally scrappy and used 8 different polka dots -- funky!!  Cutting and piecing both blocks only took an hour -- my kind of project!
Here's my gang of 12" blocks so far -- starting to think about what I'll use for the sashing -- it would be fun to use the coffee cup print with polka dot cornerstones, but I'm not sure I'll have enough of it left when I finish the rest of the blocks.
Here's the 6" blocks.  I might make a small quilt or I might put groups of four together to make three more 12" blocks so the quilt will be a bit larger.  The quilt is destined to be a donation to a child.
All but the first block (Sister's Choice) can be pieced with Set B -- did you notice that?  Pretty versatile template set and none of them are included in Volume 1 of Marti Michell's Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks which is a companion book for Sets A and B. 
Now let's talk about your vote over at Little Bunny Quilts.  I want to do CARD TRICKS, so let's all get out there and vote for it!!  Poor block has come in second in the last two polls. 
Mary Huey

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