Monday, April 21, 2014

A New Start?

What should I be doing in the evenings these days?  I should be hand quilting this beauty which is destined for my younger daughter.  It's one of my older UFQ's and I layered it this winter -- working on the third block!!
But what am I doing?  Poking through this lovely stash of "blended" fabrics that I rediscovered while working on my hexie wreath and starting Karen H's new QAL over at Faeries and Fibres.
I spent the past two evenings cutting, basting, and auditioning hexies for the first block which she posted on Friday.   Her block map is on the right.
The theme of the exercise is "value" and mine isn't quite where I want it to be get the look of the spokes on Karen's map. 
Rearranging the hexies doesn't quite do it.
Pink is too bright so maybe another pink?
Maybe? Or maybe no pink at all?  I'll play with it more this evening.
Mary Huey


  1. Great post. This is a lesson in value. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Karen -- still puttering -- cut yet another set of hexies to try out -- might have hit the "too many choices" plateau?

  2. Love your quilt. Your daughter is a lucky girl. Do you mark your lines as you go, and if so what with. I am about to HQ a quilt after not having HQéd for 9 years and I am scared of the marking pens! :-)

  3. When I mark, I do it as I go and I use a chalk wheel most of the time in white or pale pink -- don't use the yellow one - I know what you mean about marking pencils. On this one, I'm quilting against the edge of each applique motif and then echoing it twice so just eyeballing as I go. Thanks for the compliment!