Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hexie Progress!!

Some weeks just come all apart don't they?  And this has been one of them.  Circumstances have converged to disrupt my flow of work and focus.  The only thing I seem to have made progress on is this piece -- I put the last of the "squaring up" hexies on last evening and now I'm ready to think about borders and final sizing.  And I'm sorry the photo is sideways . . . don't want to expend the energy to figure out why my photo editing isn't working today so thank you for tilting your head to the right!
I've pulled out a very neglected stash of fabric from the late 90's collected for playing with Marsha McCloskey's Blended Quilt books -- the crate is full indicating there hasn't been much playing.  That yummy floral on the top might just be an outer border candidate after a pink border.  We'll see!?
Hopefully, next week will be easier and better and more fun!!  For today, I'm going out into the sunshine and chop pernicious English ivy out of bed that is my big garden project for this growing season.  Willie (my cat pal) is pacing around the patio waiting for me to get out there.  Hope your weekend is full of sunshine and balmy air.  I'll be back on track with the blogging next week!!

Mary Huey


  1. Wow your quilt looks wonderful. I love working on hexes myself.

  2. Thanks, Linda -- I'm really enjoying this piece -- it is developing very spontaneously!

  3. What a great quilt. I love the fussy cut center, and it's so perfectly framed by the rest of the piece. Really beautiful. We too are enjoying lots of sunshine and it is also drawing me out to the garden and away from my sewing projects.

  4. Wow, such beautiful work. Those hexies look tiny!

    1. Thanks, Jane -- they are 1" hexies, so not too small.