Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Scrappy Hexagons Progress

I'm still piecing hexagons -- how about you?
I had to stop stitching for a couple days last week to get ready for Auntie Alison's birthday dinner and the triplets first visit to Grandma's house!!
(it's a selfie)
They are getting cuter by the day and starting to smile!

Then I have to keep going to my favorite birding spots because it's fall migration and a new bird might have appeared over night!  If I had not been here at this exact moment, I would have missed the 22 turkey vultures sunbathing in the dead trees one morning last week!
I have made good progress on the sewing, too -- only about 65 short seams to go!!
But layering and quilting will have to wait until next week as I'm heading out for a quick 3-day trip to catch my oldest granddaughter's last field hockey game of the season!
It better not rain!!
So since I'm not at the stage I had hoped, I am going to share some "sketches" that I generated in  EQ7 for other setting ideas for a random assortment of hexagons.
They are draw in white, gray and black to represent light, medium and dark. 
I prefer to design in a monochromatic palette rather than colors.
If I don't chose a group of colors I like, it can ruin a potentially good design for me.

The first one was inspired by some vintage quilt photos.  I would divide all my scrappy hexagons either by value (light, medium, dark) or by color families for these layouts.  
I like the lattice look of this one and fabric selection could be simplified by choosing one fabric for all the light/white hexagons.
This layout would be good with a large assortment of colorful hexagons to create a rainbow. 
This simple arrangement of hexagons sorted by value could be a striking way to showcase a special collection of prints. 
As so often happens when I start puttering around in EQ7, designs get more and more complex especially when I'm working with hexagons.  It would be fun to set this star askew or off-center and play with the values of each ring to emphasis or minimize the contrast.
Or how about a large medallion?  Add some fussy cutting using modern prints and there's no limit to the possibilities with this idea. 
I also had a "finish" this week -- my Shetland Wool Week #roadsidebeanie!!
Once this is blocked, I'm ready for cooler weather!
I love the way the top star worked. 
The pattern was designed as a free pattern for knitters going to the annual Shetland Wool Week.  I'm not there but it is too cute not to knit.  If you need a smile, click HERE to see a sea of Roadside Beanies on the heads of knitters who are there!
And if you are curious about this festival, click HERE.
(This might be a "bucket list" idea.)

I hope we all have a productive week and hopefully I'll be ready to share my quilting ideas for the Scrappy Hexagons next time!


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  1. I love your blue/white hexagons--just the right pop of red in there--I like the next to last patter with the star...hugs, Julierose