Friday, April 13, 2018

Second Quarter Finish Along Goals!

Spring here in Northeast Ohio is always full of outdoor distractions for me -- I don't want to miss any of the "firsts" -- first blooms, first toads singing, first sightings of birds as they migrate through or return to this region!
 A couple of horned grebes enjoying a feeding stopover at Presque Isle, Pennsylvania a couple days ago were a delight to find as I traveled home on Tuesday!!
And yesterday, I hung laundry outside to dry for the first time this year and as I walked back up through my garden, this freshly emerged Eastern comma butterfly was enjoying the sunshine and taking advantage of the fully open crocus! 
So I'm going to keep my list for the second quarter short!
First up is a rollover from the first quarter -- I made a good start on the quilting but need another week's work to finish it!
I want to finish this scrappy tumbling block lap quilt as a retirement gift so there is a specific deadline!!  That is always a great motivator for me!!
The top is ready for borders and once I organize a backing, the quilting can commence.
Plus it's one of my borderline ancient UFO's -- good to get it out of the stacks!!
Finally, this may not get finished, finished -- but I want to at least get it assembled.   It's my version of Zen Chic's Bernina Triangle QAL.  It's taken several days to organize this on the design wall -- so if I want to use the design wall for anything, this needs to be assembled!  I don't want to take down over 200 triangles and have to start again!  It's very subdued and I'm trying to use up all of the Down By the River collection by Lewis and Irene that I bought last fall!
It's a springy looking quilt so I hope that keeps me engaged!!
It will be a challenge for sure with new birds arriving everyday.
This kingfisher has already claimed her summer territory!
How about you?  Do you set spring sewing goals?
Hope you enjoy the change of seasons this weekend!


  1. No spring sewing goals here – it is autumn. :) My laundry adventure of the week was taking the duvet/doona to the laundromat’s big washing machine and then hanging it out in the sunshine to give it a freshen-up before it is put back on the bed for winter. We can hang laundry outside all year round here.

  2. What lovely projects! I love the last one, and totally am with you in the idea that sometimes we work on the one that is hogging the desgin wall! Good luck on making progress on all 3 quilts. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2018 global FAL hosts.