Friday, February 2, 2018

Time To Review and Adjust!

This year I'm going to try a new strategy of reviewing at the end of each month to assess my progress in order to adjust my plans for the coming month (this post is written mostly for my benefit so you are excused if you want to skip reading it).  I hope this keeps me on track to reduce the quantity of UFO's in a big way in 2018!

I achieved my January target to finish or re-purpose 10% of my UFO's -- 4 old projects were finished by me and another sent out to a long-arm quilter.  I gave 6 others to my charity quilt making gang with downsized plans for finishing each one -- less guilt for me and quicker makes for them (I hope)!!

However, before we begin all the "high-five-ing" -- you need to know that I also started five projects during January that weren't finished during January -- so does that water my success down a bit?  Perhaps, but (there's always a "but", isn't there?) . . . . one is a long term project that requires a little work every couple days and is going to be so cool!! I
It's a temperature quilt -- see it growing at the top of my design wall?
(The "rose star" blocks below are my current chain-piecing "sew-offs" -- only two blocks left to go so it they should be ready to set together sometime in February -- UFO progress!!)
Another start are two new shirts I cut out during the retreat a couple weeks ago.  I finished one on February 1 to get the month off to an upbeat start.  It's Itch-to-Stitch's Uvita top -- visit her on-line pattern shop HERE -- it was a quick make and fits well!! I used a Birch organic cotton knit I grabbed during the crazy year end sales at FABRICWORM.  
It will be perfect for our winter-to-spring weather here in Northeast Ohio.
I was "sucked" into @naomialicec #fussycuttingsewalong on Instagram in spite of the fact that she started off the year with "purple" (not my favorite color) -- she is using hexies and I can knock those out quickly by machine -- one, maybe two hours a week!!  It's a year long affair and will give me a cluster of 52 hexie flowers.  I'm using my reproduction stash (no shopping necessary) and the inspirations of the too tempting #libbymorganmosaicquilt (check out that hashtag on Instagram) posts of several other Instagram friends.
Two birds, one stone?
 I had to start a new "teaching sample" for an EPP workshop in August -- I've been using that excuse for 40 years and it always works?!?   Fascinated with the fabric -- Big Sky from a Moda Fabrics scrap bag -- and rather like this spontaneous arrangement but not sure where it's going?  Stay tuned.
I stalled out for a second time on the quilting of the blue/yellow UFO, but with just the borders left to do, I'm leaving it hang on the back of my work chair to make it harder to ignore!
The quilt under the needle is a twin size charity piece I'm finishing -- look for it soon!!
This circa 1998 UFO is at the top of the "to-do" list.  It's going to be turned over for long-arm quilting, so waiting for the "I'm ready" call is keeping me motivated!
I finished the applique during my hand-stitching weekend!!
(I think I also realized that BIG hand applique projects which I love to look at might not generate the type of enthusiasm in me needed to complete BIG applique projects -- hmmm??) 
Was that just a "life lesson" learned??
Yesterday I pieced and cut a stack of HST's for the sawtooth border and hope to finish this top over the weekend!! 
I also realized that keeping projects on the shelf for 20 years is an effective way of "hiding" really lovely fabrics!?! Is that a good thing?
Indications are that I'm not going to quit starting new projects and the big UFO's still here are ones I want to finish so confining myself to small new starts for the time being while staying focused on finishing more UFO's is a good way to move through February!
I've made a list of five likely UFO finishes for the month!
Shall I go for another 10% reduction in UFO's?
It would only be 9!!

Enjoy your weekend! 
 I think mine's going to be pretty busy!!



  1. I guess I should take the time to find all my UFOs and make a list at last. That might let me whittle the numbers down by finding those I don't want to finish any more. I'm sure there are some. It's call denial. I think my problem is while retired I still have too many irons in the fire (to use an old cliche). This year I pick-up my grandson every day - thankfully they let him take the school bus home, so no driving necessary. I volunteer at the parish school library one day a week plus two other days a month. I also volunteer at our local public library one day a week. Each gig is about 4 hours per day which takes care of the day. I'm also chair of our sewing group at church - this requires a more hours than just the meeting time. I'm wondering how I do any sewing now at all. ?? It is what it is. Back to sewing - no, Alan is here now, so time to interact with the 7 year old.

  2. What a great way to tackle the UFOs. I have a list of more current UFOs which I hope to complete, then I think I'll go backwards to older ones and consider what to do with them. Like you, I have donated a few tops to charity, which I think will be appreciated by the ladies finishing them, and also the person receiving them as a gift. After taking a closer look at your photos, I do see the temperature in progress! Love the drunkard's path block.