Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The No Ancient UFO's Quest Continues

After 36 hours of being totally distracted by the presence of this Northern Shrike at one of my local birding patches, I'm back in the studio.  This tundra-nesting, circumpolar bird is an occasional winter visitor in Northern Ohio.  I don't see them annually so went a little over the top about it.
Have been out twice more to see it again!
My goal this week was to get that ancient flower basket quilt ready to send out for quilting.
The HST's I made last week made a lovely sawtooth border.  I inserted a blank at the midpoint of the lengthwise borders where I reversed the direction of the HST's -- not enough space for two HST's -- but I don't like it so I'm going to applique a square on point to camouflage them.
I found 3 missing flower cents while adding the sawtooth borders.
I rediscovered this set of circle templates and got organized to remedy that!
Next job -- add the large floral print borders!  Happily I hoarded 3 yards of this beauty back in 1999!!
I used four 8" wide strips lengthwise that were cut long enough to miter the corners.
Mitering is so easy with Marti Michell's Miter Rulers!  They come in two sizes -- this is the 8" by 24" one.  You can see I've marked the cutting line and pinned the ends in preparation for stitching.  
After the stitching is completed and I check to be sure everything is done correctly, I'll cut off the corners.  Here's a link to Marti's explanation of how to use this tool.
It's fool proof when done correctly and I miter lots more borders as a result!
Here is the finished top!!
I even have some ideas of how I want it quilted!!
Feathers, feathers, feathers!!
I found almost enough of this beauty in the hoard to make the backing (dates from 2002) and so I'm ready to send off another ancient UFO!!
Does this mean I get to start another (new) project?


  1. Oh Mary, this quilt is stunning! The sawtooth border is perfect, and I’m in love with that rose fabric and the backing. It looks so romantic. I love Marti’s miter ruler. Thanks again for sharing it at retreat and ordering one for my very own. Hope to see you at LFP tomorrow night.

  2. This is beautiful, so springy and dainty looking. The HST border is nice but adding the on point square in the center will add interest.

  3. So lovely, Mary - the shrike and the quilt! I especially love the appliqued flowers and bows, and romantic fabrics. Sure - go ahead and start something new to inspire me.

  4. Yes! A new project is a much deserved reward.

  5. Just love this UFO. It's the fabric that makes it so special. Congratulations on another done.

  6. Beautiful! The fabrics make it very romantic. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  7. I do not mind the 'gaps' in the sawtooth border. You could leave off the appliqued squares if you run out of steam.
    I am the same when it comes to mitred corners - nothing gets cut until it has been well and truly checked!