Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Winter isn't over, but Spring has started!

Winter is not over here in Northeast Ohio -- early last week, I had to deal with this before I could leave the house. 
My sidekick, Willie, doesn't enjoy the snow as much as he use to, but he'll go outside and follow us around as we shovel paths and fill the bird feeders.
A fresh snowfall always increases the number of birds coming to the feeders and it provided some beautiful photo opportunities this time!
It was a "wet" snow -- perfect for building snowmen and creating inspiring winterscapes like this view of the hemlocks on the edge of the ravine at Penitentiary Glen Park near my home.
The snow stuck to everything and we woke up to a world that looked like it had been sprinkled with powdered sugar.  The next day, the skies cleared and the sun lite up every vista.
The fox squirrels that hang out in my yard took time for a bit of sunbathing.
My red witch hazel was in full bloom and the color still peered out from under a blanket of soft snow.
An afternoon walk at Holden Arboretum was filled with inspiration.  The snow laying on these trees reminded me of how I always outlined shapes before coloring them in during grade school.
The shadows were beautiful and I was particularly fascinated with the lacey pattern created by this tree which was still holding some of last year's leaves.  If you aren't personally acquainted with snow, sometimes it shimmer like diamonds -- snowflakes have to be large and the sun at just the right angle but it's difficult to capture with a camera..
Four days later, warm winds blew into town and melted the snow within hours and pushed the temperatures up into a spring-like range. 
Today there are glimpses of spring all around my gardens.
The full beauty of the witch hazel is revealed and it is glowing in the sunshine.
The snow crocus are blooming in front of the snow shovel.
The Lenten roses have pushed up their flower stalks and I spent a pleasant half hour yesterday pruning away last year's leaves so the flowers will be in the spotlight for the next few weeks.
Most of mine are creamy colors but this beautiful pink one is right in the center of the area where I have them planted.   Deer do not like to eat hellebores and so I'm planting more of them around my gardens.
The other early blooming plant that I love and keep adding to my beds are snowdrops.
The snow will be back on Thursday, 90% chance of snow, 3 to 5 inches and we'll have another chance to enjoy our part of the world in it's winter coat.
I hope your week is off to a beautiful beginning!!
Mary Huey


  1. What beautiful pictures. Snow can be tiresome, but it is beautiful when it covers up the dreary winter landscape. I haven't checked my crocus yet to see if they are popping up. Blessings, Gretchen

  2. That is all beautiful.
    It never snows here. Today's forecast is 38C, just over 100F!

  3. Beautiful photos. Love that pretty cardinal.