Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Workspace

Yesterday, I stumbled into a "linky" where stitchers are sharing their workspaces and it was fun to visit each of them and see how they organized the work area and the storage.  All of them were quite tidy, too!
One of the bloggers shares her space with her child's play area -- or does her child share his space with her??
It reminded me of the room just off the kitchen in our first house that my three children and I shared.  One wall was lined with toy storage and I got (okay, took) the big closet for my stitching supplies.  The floor was always in chaos but we shared nicely.  Since it was open to the kitchen, it was easy to keep an eye on the kids or just pop over to stitch up one more seam while the muffins finished baking.
In this house, I've moved the studio around looking for the best fit.  It started out on the first floor next to the dining room, but when my son came back home for a couple years, I moved it upstairs so I didn't hear him coming and going late at night and he wasn't bothered by me being up and stitching in the early morning.
I tried both bedrooms upstairs and settled on the (biggest) one across the front of the house. 
(It's also the hottest one in summer and the coldest one in winter.)
You've seen glimpses of it off and on, but today I'm taking you on a full blown tour. 
****Caution - this studio was not prepped for your viewing and the pictures are unedited so some viewers may be appalled that I can work in this space!?!
As you come up the stairs, you are greeted by a Huey wall of fame. 
Ancestors, kids, family portraits. 
The door is often closed because it's the hottest room in summer and the coldest in winter but I already said that didn't I?
Push open the door and there it is!!  It's interesting to me how immune I am to all this clutter.  That first corner of the cutting table is a constantly changing stack of things that just arrived or that need to be removed.  The front windows are being replaced in the next couple weeks so the curtains are stored away for the moment.  That board between the windows is my secondary work wall and is currently collecting blocks for Lucy Carson Kingwell's Smitten which is my February APQ Resolution project.  We'll take a closer look at those in a week or so.  The ironing board is strategically positioned so I can keep an eye on the street and the neighbors -- (-"
Look to the right and you see the business part of this room -- my machines!  I'm devoted to a Bernina 1031 for my piecing -- it's about 25 years old and recently earned a new set of feed dogs as a reward for lots of hard work!!
That laundry basket is almost unpacked from my retreat at the end of January.
And the artwork is Charley Harper bird posters.
As I sit at the machine, I can see my primary work wall.  It was an accident that it's organized this way, but I'll never change it -- even if I'm not working on that project, seeing it every time I look up keeps my subconscious focused on whatever the next design decision is that I'm seeking.
Just around the corner is the shelving unit where I keep the UFQ's.  Not many there these days!!  I recently moved all the BIG hunks of fabric to the bottom shelf.  There was a time that all four shelves were crammed full with UFQ's.  I'm impressed!!!
In the summer I open that window which looks out over a little wild zone in my yard -- I can see the nest box which is usually home to a pair of chickadees and enjoy the fragrance of the lilacs bushes that grown along the fence.
I use this end of the cutting table is as a stand-up desk -- lots of blog prep happens right there!
The other end is the real cutting area.  I "keep" the rulers in one of those slotted things in the middle so I can reach them from both ends -- though they do have a habit of not being there more often than I like.  There's a constant need to tidy up this end but I'm getting more regular about it.
One of the reasons I cut at that end is because the WALL OF FABRIC is right behind me and I can turn around and pull out dozens of pieces of fabric in the blink of an eye (I wish they would put themselves away).  The pieces hanging down are "inspiration" -- the ones on the left are the foundation of the Smitten blocks and that wonderful piece on the right is a new treasure that is fermenting!
When I squish back into the corner and aim the camera across the room diagonally, you can see how big it is.
There is one tidy zone -- this antique shelf I found 20 years ago is full of treasured books, family memorabilia and little hoards of things -- buttons, hankies, old candy tins.  I love this piece and it's going to the "home" with me!!
The one thing that is missing from my studio is a comfy chair for hand stitching (or reading).  Once the new windows are installed, I'm going to figure out how to remedy that.  I do more hand stitching these days and would enjoy having a space for it in the studio.
 I also want to add some lighting to eliminate some of the dark corners during winter days.
So you might envy the amount of space I have, but I hope it put your mind at ease about the need to have a very organized and beautiful work space.  If I had one of those, I'm not sure I'd work -- I'd be afraid to mess it up.
For a look at some other (tidied up) studios, visit Simple Simon HERE and click on the big LOVE badge to access the link-up.
Now go stitch, please!!
Mary Huey



  1. Now this is a Studio. All those pretty sewing rooms are staged IMHO. Notice I changed the name from Studio to sewing rooms. I feel sewing rooms don't get much use and studio's are a place for creative messes. Thanks for sharing your work space, it's looks like a great place to hide away for hours on end.

  2. Love all of your beautiful space, and good to see what it looks like when a room is actually functional.

  3. Thanks for the great tour. My studio is never neat and tidy. Like you say, I'd be scared to mess it up! This way I'm never afraid to get to work! Could you share the other linky with us, for the other studio tours please?

  4. What a wonderful space you have there, it's huge!! The ironing board in front of the window, good thinking, you have to keep an eye on those neighbors, you never know what they are plotting. :-))

    Ok, I'm a bit jealous of that piece of 'Wandering Mind' hanging from the shelf ... :-)

  5. I believe I could be your long-lost twin. From the looks of your sewing room, we have more in common than I would have believed possible. You're way ahead of me in the finished projects category, though. I'll just have to keep trying to catch up!

    Carole S.

  6. Look at all that SPACE! I have half of the smallest bedroom; I have a desk on one side and my hubby has a desk in the other half. But that is only part of the truth. At the moment, I know one of my EPP projects is on the formal dining table where I was sitting yesterday as the light is good, a spare bedroom wardrobe is full of supplies, my design wall usually lives in another room and our upstairs sitting room is my hand-sewing lair (all sorts of hand projects in progress there). I have taken over the house.

  7. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but your sewing space is neat compared to mine...