Friday, December 18, 2015

Little Gifts -- sometimes they are the best!!

This past week, my quilting gang met for our annual Christmas luncheon to celebrate another year of making quilts to donate to others!!  Since I'm the matriarch of the group (that just means I store all the stuff and set the schedule), I always give them a small token of appreciation. 
As I was pondering what I could make that was sweet and simple, I noticed my little thread catcher (given to me after a speaking engagement by a local quilt guild).  I wondered if I could find a tutorial for it and sure enough, a quick google led me straight to the source!
The best part of making something is digging through my fabric!!  And then I discovered that my Marti Michell 60 Degree Triangle Ruler (the large one) was just the right size!!
(If you can't find one of these locally, I have some in stock! Just e-mail me at
It didn't take long to get a stack of ten cut and ready to stitch up!
And I kept my chain-piecing going by stitching together another Glitter block!!
If you don't already know this trick -- it makes managing the opening so much easier.  See how I stitched in from the edge to the 1/4" seam, then around the triangle and off when it was time to end.
Those few extra stitches make it easier to turn the seam allowance into the opening so you can press it straight across without much effort!
Here's another tip -- after turning right sides out, I pull the seam to one side and crease it with my finger nail for most of it's length (can't get into the corners).
A wooden press from my paper-piecing supplies works well, too.  Now it's easier to press the seam right on the edge instead of fiddling your way into frustration trying to "roll" everything into place!
Once they were all turned and press and the final stitching done to sculpt the shape, they were ready for their buttons!!  Since I use my buttons for embellishment most of the time, I keep all of them sorted by color in cute jars on a shelf in the studio!
And here they are -- ready to party!!  I filled them with Hershey kisses and off we went!!
We've had a good year.  Together we've made 31 quilts to share.
Now we'll take a break until mid-January and start up again!
I'll wish you a Merry Christmas today -- I'm taking a break for the coming week to catch up with sock knitting for my crew!!  I hope we all get our gift stitching finished!!
Mary Huey


  1. They are beautiful! Thank you for the link and the tips.

    Happy Holidays,

  2. I will try that opening trick. I often sew a biggish stitch to mark the opening seam allowance on each piece before sewing together. It works, but it is an extra step.